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  1. Years ago at the birth of my magic, I purchased a DVD titled "Kard Klub" exclusively sold at Ellusionist. Whether or not this product is still available, I recall one of the extras on the disc being this fancy, four packet cut flourish. Nowadays, if you release a DVD with that flourish as one of the highlights in the purchase, you might get laughed at. But to me this cut was everything: flashy and proved you were skilled. Back then, this was a beautiful piece to learn because the revolution lead by Dan and Dave, Daniel Madison, Andrei, and so forth hadn't happened yet.

    The flourish was titled "The Triple Z Rotation Cut" and taught by a younger, shyer Jonathan Bayme. My point being, when this thought came hurdling at me from years ago, I in all honesty would like to see a DVD encompassing a single effect or various effects starring the father of Theory 11 himself, Jonathan Bayme. From what I have seen in his 1-on-1's, the few, he's great at teaching the art.

    Would anyone here like the idea of Theory 11 releasing a DVD/Effect starring Jonathan?

  2. I certainly would. It is probably tough since he deals with everything going on here at T11. I enjoyed his 1on1 of the Erdnase Color Change and hope he comes out with something else.
  3. I would like to see some more 1-on-1 vids by him. A teaching DVD, that would be cool too.
  4. Personally, I like that Z-cut better than most flourishy cuts that came later. After a few seconds, it starts to become too fruitious.
  5. haha! I still remember the reactions he got with the 2 Card Monte!! That was classic!
  6. I completely agree with you. The "Triple Z" is something I still use to this day a lot more often than other sleights and flourishes in my "arsenal".

  7. JB is a stud, there is no doubt about it. The Triple Z Rotation Cut was one of the first "cool" cuts I ever learned (days before sybil), and I still throw it in randomly.

    I too would love to see something new from Bayme, he's definitely a fun performer to watch. The school videos were awesome, it was an early version of the T11 brand, in action. The post-DB generation with the "simplicity kills" mentality.

    4 years ago: - Still awesome.
    @20 seconds: "I want to revolutionize the art form magic has the potential to be." - I think it's fair to say he's done that (and is just getting started). :)

    I bet JB is reading this, smiling, and holding a deck of cards doing the cut while reading this. :D
  8. oh I remember watching this back in the day... damn that was good stuff... Still havent bought it though.
    "I got the gimmick but i cant figure it out someone please help and i am willing to exchange tricks for it just send me which trick you want and i will see if i know it ( i know tons of tricks so i cant list them all out)"
    Love these comments...
    That was the reason for me purchasing the only effect I performed more than anything else I have. I loved his reason for using a penny, and use the line to this day.

    This thread just reminded me of that!

    All the best,
  10. JB's BEAST.
  11. Hey, I just PM'd you with like 30 tricks and stuff. Let me know when you get them. With electric touch there could be some ways to make it stronger. Sorry, I did not include that in my private message. Just let me know when it gets there.
  12. Without a doubt, those who have met Jonathan can all concur that he's a beast like no other. I've been very fortunate to have laid eyes on the legend and myth that was the Z-Cut. Very few have seen this rare cosmic event in person but those who have, are left in awe; myself included. He performs it better today than he's ever done before. It will throw you into a dream like state of nostalgia and happiness with tears of joy rolling down your cheeks. Thank you for giving me this rare opportunity to witness poetry in motion, I can only hope to witness it once more.

    -Andrei Jikh
  13. He was quoting a ridiculous youtube comment
  14. Sorry, I don't visit youtube besides watching a video.
  15. Thats why I was pointing it out, dont get your panties in a bunch
  16. OKAY, I'll make sure all the panties I see don't get in a bunch. (Or bunches of panties).
  17. I have no idea what Sir FansAlot is doing as he posted a similiar comment on other threads as well "I have this trick and I PMed you the method and alot of tricks. tell me when you get it" what the hell? Are you just saying that for fun? Its like an empty comment edging on spam. Its not like youre actually sending it, which would be quite wrong as well... so... whats the point of what you say?

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