Judo flip by Franco Pascali

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  1. Everything is fine and have been practising it for a while.
    The part which he describes as the 'weird grip' , the one where we catch the remainder of the deck between ring and little finger after cutting a small packet off, in that part, the deck keeps falling of. It just slides out of my hand.
    I have got the rotation down more or less, but that grip part is hindering my progress :-(
    The deck (whatever is left after cutting off the small packet) just rotates down and falls off, as if my little finger becomes its pivot point.
    Hope you guys understand and I get some help?

    Pretty please?
  2. The bottom packet needs to go perpendicular length-ways. It's almost like the Herman Pass end-on. The packets need to create a letter T
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  3. Try learning muse cut first.
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  4. What I do is clamp the packet with my pinky finger and lean it towards my ring finger. Both of the tips of your fingers should support from behind the deck to amke sure it dosent fall and the crotch of your fingers (in between your fingers) should have the deck resting behind the exess flesh. It should be behind or flush with the back of your hand. Hope this helps, you shouldent put too much thought into this postioning and your main focus should be twirling the smaller packet. ;)
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