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  1. Okay guys any tips on the judo flip? I'm having big problems with this and I've been practicing it for months and months, PLEASE HELP!
  2. If you were more specific with your problems, it would help. But just in case...some common problems and their solutions:-

    1) You can't revolve the top packet over the bottom packet:-Try this out...it SHOULD work like a charm...After you have the top packet between your middle finger and thumb and you also have the index finger on the front shorter edge of that packet, instead of focussing on pulling down with index finger (so as to revolve that packet) focus on levering the bottom packet UP by pressing down on the bottom packet using your ring finger and pinky. The revolve should now become easier.

    2) Pinky and Ring fingers feel cramped:- Get used to a straddle grip first. Then, get used to applying pressure on the deck to lever it up using those two fingers. İt should build up the muscle strength.

    3) Cannot do the closure BECAUSE you don't get how it should be done:- Watch the official tutorial MİLLİONS of times.

    4) Cannot do the closure BECAUSE ring finger cannot get to the bottom right corner of the top packet when it is in the horizontal position:- İt will be a stretch at first. Keep practising, there's no troubleshoot method for this one.

    5) The index finger cannot extend with the top packet:- Yes, the finger might feel a bit cramped at the beginning, but as you practice, your fingers will get used to the motion. Sometimes İ'd force the index finger out using my other hand, just because İ wanted to COMPLETE the sleight atleast once. Maybe try that?

    6) Cards are falling off:- You may try rubber bands, but İ will advise against it because İ personally feel that if something is giving you problems, you need to tackle them head on. There's no use being able to do a sleight wonderfully using banded up packets but sucking at them irl.

    7) Keep practising. No, seriously...you must be doing a very VERY tiny mistake. And that is the only reason you are not getting it. Keep watching the tutorial again and again.

    Use a slightly older deck at first.
    Also, for the top packet, use VERY few cards. Once you get the sleight, you can use more. Like, İ can use almost half a deck now, but srsly, it even looks the best with only a few cards.

    But again, it would be much more better and would make me able to help you better if you specified your problems. :)

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