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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Ssnshyn, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. so, i was playing with some coins in the mirror last night, and realized something amazing!!

    i have long dreadlocks, (thin, tight, all natural.... CLEAN looking!!!) and i dont use an elastic to put them up in a ponytail, i just use my own hair as rope to tie the rest up, but i realized that if i tie it the right way, i can put 1 coin behind/on top of each ear, and it sits securely, and is completely hidden. so while im doing a one coin routine, i can nonchalantly put a dread thats "strategically" hanging in front of my face behind my ear, and thus grab the coin. i can also put on onto of my head, (when tied the right way, theres like a little "bowl" at the back of my head against my ponytail).

    and best of all, at the end of my routine, i can put them all into my left hand, adjust another annoying strand thats in my face whilst ditching the coins. VOILA! ditched, uuuh, i mean vanished
  2. Sounds cool...too bad I don't have dreds to help test.
  3. Thats an awesome realization! It shows how one can use their natural resources to their advantage, good find!
  4. I actually noticed something very similiar yesterday, If I put my hair into a ponytail I can fit a a coin into it too. I don't have dreds though..
  5. you are very lucky!! hehe.. I'm a frustrated Dreadlock Dreamer!! huhuhu.. You are very lucky I must say again co'z you have a natural armament of yours when it comes to magic.. more power!

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