Just got my Guardians

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deryn, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Ok so I know there have been countless threads on Guardians but none of them came from me. ^_^

    I love my Guardians. I ordered 6 decks Tuesday and I got them today (Friday). I used the lowest tier S&H that said 4-7 days i believe but I got it 3 days later.. Way to go T11.

    First of all, I love the box. The no gloss matte finish is awesome. Makes you realise that the gloss/high gloss is over rated and isn't needed for a wow factor. I bought a pack of Wrigley's new "5" gum.. tasty yes, but the package is like that of our Guardians. It's very eye catching.

    I love the jokers... it's my next tattoo.. who designed them anyway?

    I can't completely make out the image on the box but I know it's a chariot pulled by 3 horses, driven by angels.

    The reds of hearts and diamonds are a darker red.

    The yellows on the court cards are no more and they have this 'technicolor' look to them.

    Way to go T11.. I love them!

    A+++++++.. wait wrong site ^_^

  2. take pictures!! lol, kidding, great to hear you got them, hope you enjoy those.
  3. How is the handling? thats the only thing I want to know so this doesn't turn into a review
  4. This is more of an idle curiosity question, but why does everybody seem to be ordering the 6-pack right away? When I'm trying out cards, I usually get one deck so I don't get a whole bunch and discover I don't like the cards.

    Also, I haven't heard anything about the jokers before now. what do they look like?
  5. mmm i got mine today

    i ordered 12 decks and distortion

    im pretty excited and im very satisfied with my purchase
  6. Yeh I was amazed...I ordered 6 and they came 3 days later!!
  7. I still think that we need a "Penguin's Only" type of forum on here, this could go into there.
    But I'm glad you enjoyed your purchase!
  8. i think they handle like regular bikes. the stock are the same I believe. They fan really well and I haven't had a problem with them clumping or warping. I keep my deck in a porper clip. I ordered 6 because I'm a card collector and plus I wanted the S&H to be worth it ;)


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