Just had tea with Derren Brown

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  1. I just got back from having tea with Derren Brown!!!!!! I was expecting to only talk for like 20 minutes when he invited me for tea but we talked for over an hour before he had to leave to get ready to perform.

    It was so amazing! He looked at some of my best tricks and gave me critiques and ways to better them, showed me a few tricks of his own, talked about the magic industry and our favorite magicians, and I asked him about his show (svengali) and ways I thought he did things.

    All in all it was just really cool to know a celebrity would take his time out to chat with me. Super awesome guy.
  2. LUCKY!! I have a little "bro-crush" on Derren Brown. He seems like a super solid person. I would give almost anything to have him critique my effects and showmanship. What did you show him and what did he say? Tell us Everything!!
  3. Oh my god! i dont even drink tea but id drink tea with drren brown any day!
  4. Tea = Lunch or Dinner. Minor clarification for the non-British out there.

    // L
  5. i am going to find Doc Brown and Marty, go back in time, steal your identity and take your place. Thats how jealous i am of you right now. Glad you had a great time, and glad to know he's as awesome as i believed. That man is class personified
  6. sooo jealous!

    so awesome
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    Tea is a late afternoon snack, not a proper meal replacing, or renaming, lunch or dinner.

    Very cool, man. Would love to hear some details on what you got out of the meeting.
  8. Yep, Lyle would know. He lived in Scotland for 2 years.
  9. Interesting fact: Other people have lived abroad as well.
  10. Tea is a complicated British concept. To some it's just a hot drink, to some it's a kind of half-way house between lunch and dinner, to others, it's the blanket term for any evening meal. It depends on your social class and whereabouts in Britain you're from.
  11. Like myself, thank you for the clarification TeeDee. I found that to be the case on my visits as well.
  12. okay, i feel like this thread has gone from derren brown, to the cultural interpretations of the word tea.

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