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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cobra, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. hey so tonight i just got done with my colleges tallent show.. they asked me to perform this year again since i have 2 years in a row and well to be honest i didnt really want to.. i hate doin stage magic... its not personal and its just totally different u guys know what i mean.. soo i signed up not knowing what to perform cause well all i really do is close up magic

    so i decided to make a large version of water mark i think that is what its called

    i made a large version with a poster board and taped paper towels to it
    and explained to them were going to make art much like the splat paintings you see in museems but paint is way to messy so they did so and
    there was their card

    next trick i performed was jay sankey's omniolope....

    i have never used this trick before and i have had it for like 5 months because i thought it was too dumb its so simple wouldnt they figure that out????

    so i reluctently used it in my show

    i mailed the girl who was in charge of the show some money and it said on it do not open bring to tallent show

    so i had a random voluteneer come up to the stage and he picked a receipt from an envelope and he wrote the total on another posterboard so everybody can see
    i asked the girl to open the package

    and sure enough it was the exact total for the receipt

    Boy the reactions were amazing everybody flipped out 100 + people
    they are still coming up to me saying how good it was

    i took first place in the tallent show

    all this is to show us magicians we think different than lay people we have a different way we look at tricks we take simple for dumb and therefore neglect some of them most amazing things because we can figure them out easily
    some of the most simple things play huge

    so keep that in mind when your performing and enjoy it !
  2. I agree. I think before we dismiss a trick we should think about how the audience would react.
    Congratulations on 1st place!
  3. BA, thats sweet I agree on finding out the potential of a trick before tossing it aside, congrats
  4. I find myself in the similar situation as you. My friend asked me to sign up for auditions for next year's orientation night performance for the new students and wants me to perform on stage. I have never perform on stage before but I decided to give it a go.

    I'm still in the process of writing my script and picturing myself on stage. The effects I plan to do is Witness, Thread, In & Out Rope Escape and Lorayne's Buck. Hopefully everything goes well.

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