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  1. I just finished watching my FIRST lesson from Justin Millers new CUSTOM TRAINING DVD series and I am so excited!!! I waited to do this review until I could order two more just to get in line before everyone figures out how AWESOME these are.

    If you have ever seen any of Justin's dvd's you know his skill in teaching. Justin's true genius is his ability to explain and demonstrate as if he was sitting across the table. Imagine being able to call on Eric Clapton and say "Hey, Eric...I am really having trouble with the E Chords in this song, why don't you put together a dvd and show me how to do it". What would that cost?? THIS IS THE EXACT SAME!!!

    Justin teaches you what YOU want to learn. I talked to him on the phone at least TWO times during this process. He called me and asked me about certain things I wanted to learn and asked questions to make sure I got what I wanted out of this.

    These DVD's are a bargain at three times the cost.....

    Any questions, please ask.....


    paul noffsinger
    greeley, colorado
  2. What did he teach you on YOUR dvd?

    Oh and BTW I went to UNC in greeley for my freshmen year of college... I bet its absolutly freezing there now! Good ol colorado.
  3. Pretty cold....

    I asked Justin to help with a couple of sleights that I had never worked into a routine. I knew the basics of the Elmsley, but never got past the basics. He helped me with different counts and how to work them into effects.
    I ordered two and the other one is on Coins. I have pretty much been a card guy, so asked him to give me the basics COIN 101. I am looking forward to getting into the coin dvd.
  4. I am sure many are interested in the turnaround time on something as in-depth and involved as this type of video training. From the time you requested your first video how long did it take to get it into your hands? Thanks.

  5. Quote from Justin's site:

    Q:How long will it take for my custom dvd to be finished?
    A:I will begin to shoot your very personal Custom DVD within 24 hrs of receiving your order. It will take between 1 to 2 weeks to be delivered to your doorstep (INT orders may take longer).

    Remember this is a first buy first delivered service so it might take a little longer depending on how many orders I have that week. Either way you will get a phone call from me before I ship your Custom DVD!

    i hope that helped ;)

  6. It took a little over two weeks, but Keep in mind that was over the holidays and I ordered TWO dvds. I have NO complaints about the shipping time. Justin called me a couple of times to update me on the status and ask questions about what I wanted. TOP NOTCH!!!!

    paul noffsinger
    Greeley, Colorado
  7. Sounds good Paul thanks =)

  8. I honestly can't believe for the life of me how Justin has so much time on his hands to do all this. I mean, shooting/editing/shipping about an average of 10+ DVDs a day?! That is amazing. I applaud Justin Miller for that. :)
  9. I really thought that you were exaggerating when you mentioned the Eric Clapton thing; but it turns out you weren't. I went to his site after reading this and it was just as you said. I just can't believe how he devotes his own time and effort to give importance to the mentor-student relationship that he wants us to experience. I mean, a DVD, custom made for me? I could have him say my name on video! May be can sign the DVD too? That'd be great! Each DVD has his own personal touch to it; it really gives new meaning to the "as if he was right there in front, teaching" quote that gets handed out to a lot of training DVD's.

    Very, very impressive and admirable of him. More power to the Close up artist!
  10. This is my vision of how magic is to be translated.
    I hope you share the same sight.

    Justin N. Miller
  11. The one thing that makes Justin stand out is how he takes the time to actually call his customers. Himself. I know me and him have our differences, but man that says a lot about him, hands down. :)

    You know...I'm actually a bit interested in perhaps ordering a custom dvd...will have to wait for my taxes to come back, but that's definitely something I'm keeping in mind.

  12. Hi Justin.... I mean paulnoff.

    Thanks for the review ;)
  13. You should post this review on Justin's forum on his site. ;) www.closeupjm.com

  14. Hey, I was actually just wondering... would it be okay to request a DVD that focuses primarily on: "Presentation, Having Authority, Making the Magic Memorable", instead of just sleight of hand. I really wanted to work on the presentation aspect of my magic, not so much the tricks themselves... believe me, I have way more than enough tricks.

    So would it be possible?
  15. I doubt it, however, you can ask Justin yourself. www.closeupjm.com Go to his contact page to send him an E-Mail. However, I doubt it as if you go to the custom dvd section, the only options are coins and cards. So maybe if you ask for some sleight of hand stuff, you can as a side note ask for presentation advice. Well, hope that helps.


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