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    Edit: I used an iPod to write a half assed review so I'm gonna fix it.

    Manufacturer: Ellusionist
    Teacher: Danny Garcia
    Run time: Around 45 minutes

    Danny goes over three different variations of Kaos; each is for whatever situation you may be in.
    I'll be honest...My friend told me how to do it but I wanted the tips from DG so I bought this. I'm glad I did.
    Sean Beard has come up with a new take on CTW. No more stooges to get a signed card on the other side of the glass.
    What the spectator sees: They hold up a smeared deck on a window. With empty hands you reach THROUGH the glass from the other side and pull out their signed card. It's that simple.
    I absolutely love Kaos. It's sad to see no one performing this but at the same time, I'm glad that no one does that way I can do it without jumping on a bandwagon.

    Handling: DG teaches a few different handlings and subtleties that are very nice. Like he said on the DVD: Some people are scared to do a certain move that is necessary in Kaos. All I can say: Just do it. I came up with a different handling that i prefer to what's on the DVD. That move is still utilized but I don't worry about people scrutinizing my hands now.
    Difficulty: I've been told I'm pretty good with cards so this effect was not hard at all to learn. I give it a 4/10 on difficulty.
    Teaching: DG does a great job on the teaching of Kaos. As stated, he teaches several variations and he teaches the original method submitted by Sean. He goes over everything very well so you can be on your way to performing Kaos.

    Overall I give this DVD a 9/10

    You can pick it up here: http://www.ellusionist.com/kaos-card-through-window.html
  2. Not a very thorough review, but good enough, I guess. I absolutely LOVE this effect. It almost seems as if people have forgotten about it, though. It's a definite classic from DG. Actually, to me, I haven't seen much in the way of new marketed CTW's in the past couple years. But this is definitely an excellent trick and it gets killer reactions when performed right.
  3. Oh yeah!!!! I LOVE this effect too!!! I haven't performed it in awhile because I've been trying to alter the handling to fit my style a little bit more which has been a bit difficult and also when I first learned this effect I didn't practice enough so I would get like 30 people around and then I would mess up so many times that I was pretty much scarred for life from this trick. But I'm trying my best to start performing it again. lol
  4. Always great to see things like this. Really encouraging. :]

    Thanks guys. :]

    || sean ||
  5. This is one of the thing which i never regret for buying it. Truly amazing, kudos to Sean Beard for giving us this amazing concept and Danny for the near perfect teaching.
  6. Ok sorry about it not being thorough. I got the DVD and I wanted to review it pretty bad and all I had on me at the time was an iPod. It's a ***** to do a review on an iPod. I'll probably go back and edit it.
  7. I got this when it first came out and think it's great. I did have a little problem with one aspect but there are ways around it. Glad to see people giving it up for an "old" trick! Doesn't happen much. :)

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