Kaos, what do you guys think?

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  1. I've been looking at card through window effects and I was wondering what you guys think of Daniel Garcia's Kaos. I like the thought of it and all, but is it a practical effect or does it take a ton of set up?
  2. Its Sean Beards Kaos. Danny just teaches it. Its really cool. And Impromptu. No set up.

  3. the hardest part of the trick is finding an approrpiate window haha
  4. The trick itself is extremely simple, but the presentation just makes your jaw drop. I mean, it really looks like Danny is pulling the card through the window.

  5. Sean Beard's effect and Daniel Garcia teaches it. Totally impromptu, but you will have to know some sleights for the impromptu version. The original version of Sean's is also taught and another variation. Danny will also teach you some gimmicked versions and the pros and cons of each version why one has more effect than the other one and all that will be explained on the DVD. Danny's teaching is very clear and nothing is unanswered, so overall it's a must get for CTW fanatics. I also heard about a rumor about Tom Issacson having a CTW effect also, but I don't know if it's true.
    P.S. If you have anymore questions about KAOS you can pm me. I will be glad to answer.
  6. KAOS is good and all but some people (not laymen, of course) said it was too simple and there was too much cover for a CTW effect. If it got you, then by all means get it. Btw, it teaches you Sean Beard's original handling of KAOS too.
  7. its a great trick and a great video
    he teaches lots of variations
    and there are a lot of examples of him performing it
    which i REALLY like
  8. Its bad if you have small hands......
  9. not an issue if you have enough misderection
  10. still
    its an issue which you have to make up for
    just like if you have windows in your hands
    it becomes harder to do the effect
  11. I'm not too fond of the effect, personally.
  12. It really is a bad trick. I wouldn't ever recommend it to anyone. It may look cool on the demo but that's it.
  13. If it looks good on a demo then it's a bad trick. If it is invented only for selling it's a bad trick. So, as said above, Kaos is bad trick.
  14. i dont know if kaos is a camera only trick
    but camera only tricks are becoming a serious problem
    people sell these impractical things without telling the buyer about it
    tnr comes to mind right away
    on it kenner says something to the effect of
    'even if you never perform this trick for people its fun to play with the gimmick'
    come on
    clearly he knows he is selling a lemon...
  15. I agree. That is a serious problem. Other problem is that buyers don't realise that they have bought crap. They think it great, because they don't have a wide knowledge of magic. They din't have anything to compare.

    On that I disagree. TnR is actually usable in live performances. Problem of TnR is the basic routine that comes with it. Of course, it can be eliminated but few bother to do so.
  16. i dont like it
  17. Not to get away from my original question, but TNR is a great trick. I've performed it several times for many different people and everytime it has blown people away. Yes the routine needs tweaking, but all in all it's a great trick.

    I do agree with this whole "looks really great on vid but sucks in person thing" I've been disappointed a lot with some of the things I've purchased. Some of you may or may not agree, but fallen, huge disappointment for me...

    Maybe I just have bad luck with Garcia. Oh well. So KAOS seems to be half and half so far. Thanks guys, for all of your posts, I really like how responsive everyone here is. It's great!
  18. Kaos is nothing special. Its a little impractical and the method is exactly what I thougth it would be. I kid you not, EXACTLY, what I thought it would be.
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  20. I'm really not a massive fan of it at all. This is one of those tricks where you shouldn't feel bad about working it out from the trailer and then performing it. It's pretty much an extortionate price for what it is.

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