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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by kaotix, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Looks like it could be very useful, but it looks kind of "move"y. Like...the way you move your hands is pretty unnatural. Maybe if you work on making it look less strange it will be even more impressive, but I do like it how it is now.
  2. Well there is a move thats similar to this that I frequently use.
    But good effort anyhow, needsa less hasty movement when you bring it to the top. looks slightly rushed but should be fine after some adjustment.
  3. Already pretty smooth, but could always use a little more polish to make it more convincing and to lose the appearance of a sleight. Very interesting idea, too... haven't come across anything like that yet.
  4. Well it's a form of a side steal I guess, probably been done before but not to my knowledge maybe someone can help me out here. However it looks very unnatural the way you apparently push the card into the deck. The way you move your hand suggests what you are really doing, if you could make it less "movey" it could work.

    Keep it up bro.
  5. not bad, but i don't see any real reason to use this when the delibrate steal is a more natural motion
  6. still ironing out small kinks in smoothness and making it work more naturaly, you get the idea for what im going for
  7. I like it allot. I am sure you will smooth it out further, but I think it's a great control.

    Good Job.
  8. I liked it =)
  9. I would move the deck more not the hand with the palm in it. very nice. as far as practical thank you so much, I have been looking for a way to load a card 2nd to the top with out showing the back of the top card (a non visual color change reverse marlo ill call it. I may have to mess with it to suit me but nice non the less.
  10. very nice. how are the angles?
  11. Looks great, there is one part that looks kind fishy, but it also is smooth.
  12. I liked it but some of the others are right it looks to "move-y" when you use it in a performance instead of changing the handling of the control just say your wrist are sore or something to have an ecuse to move your hands. You obviously love this so i'm just telling you there are ways to make it work without changing it.

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