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  1. So i'm thinking about ordering some Karnival decks from Big Blind Media because they look pretty cool in my opinion,
    But since everything except the jokers ace of spades and the backs are completely standard i'm worried that the quality of the cards is not worth the money. So if any of you guys have some Karnival decks that'd be great if you could tell me about the quality.
  2. The qualitly of the cards is terrible. I bought a few of these decks and straight out of the box you can tell they arent the best, a normal deck will last me 3- 4 weeks, but these didnt last me the week out. But if your a collector its good to have some on your shelf.

    If i were you i'd spend my money on some talley hos. They do the job 10x better.

    Hope this helps.
  3. for me this are wonderful playing cards also check the new one that's coming out in Halloween.this and split spades my favorites.
  4. To be honest, they are essentially the same as any ellusionist deck. I mean...around the same quality with a special design. That's my opinion anyways.
  5. I only have them because I am a collector. They have about the same quality as a standard deck of bikes. They look cool and that is about it.
  6. thanks one more question is the durability any more than norm bikes?
  7. Stock wise the durability is the same, the finish isn't thought. The finish won't last as long. But other than that I think that they are about the same, same thickness from what I think. I have all of the Karnival series except the Ryujin, I havn't used any others but the Karnival originals and they are decent except the finish. I like them.
  8. thanks alot
  9. The Karnival Decks' finish are not very good. They will clump up pretty quick to the point its impossible to fan em. The one exception is the Karnival Midnights. Ive had them just as long as my others and in the same environment and they still handle like new. I havent gotten the Ryujins yet, but they look pretty sick...
  10. I don't think the Karnival Decks are worth the money. They are way over priced for the quality there worth. The Ryujin deck are major clumpers. The midnight deck is not to bad. But regular Bikes are much better. And for a 3rd of the price. I was really disappointed on the Ryujin decks. Man do they clump up. I think I used the deck 3 times, then set them a side. I don't think the stock is as good as regular bikes.

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