Keep a Positive Outlook on the Wire

Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
Reading over the threads discussing the Wire that have sprung up over the past two days, there has been a mixture of some negativity, positive attitudes, optimistic opinions, and to be quite honest, questions that could have been answered by just sitting back and thinking over things rationally.

There are some unclear points floating around here and there, but there is one thing that is very clear... everything that has been brought up, the possibilities for bad submissions, a flooding of the market with plagiarized material etc... has all been thought of already by the T11 team these past four years of development - I can guarantee you that.

Let us try to stay tuned into all of the various positive possibilities that can come from this.

The person who needed the extra motivation to get into video editing, now has it.
The person who needed the push to start more in-depth research into moves and techniques, now has it.
The person who wanted to know the finer details of the business side to magic, now has a chance.
The person who wants to know how far he has come along, now has a chance to test himself.
The person who is eager to get his material on the market, has a chance to know if he or she is ready.
the list goes on...

For those of you who do decide to submit something, and your submission is not accepted, there is a positive aspect to everything! Perhaps your research into the originality was lacking, perhaps the technique needs refinement. There is something to be learned from everything, and the simple non-acceptance of a submission can teach something many things.

For those of you who do not submit something, but are displeased with the content being accepted, just remember that there is a demand and a market for nearly everything, and the T11 crew knows this. The thing you are looking for will make it up there sooner or later, and if not, perhaps that will give YOU the push you need to create it yourself.

Great job so far T11. Doing for magic what iTunes did for musicians.
How can we have a positive look on the WIRE while we have so many negative people here(and they post constantly, while positive people on watch from afar)? All they wanted is being part of the problem, not part of the solution.
Jul 30, 2011
Im not so much a magic guy, but i love cardistry and i am sooooo excited to see some of the stuff that people have come up with and post on the wire!! i just hope people dont go crazy with the pricing, if things are decently cheap, and of good quality, i will have no problem buying a lot of new stuff from the wire.


ceo / theory11
Staff member
Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Very excited to see submissions start to roll in from creators known and unknown around the world. We're patching up a few minor glitches in the submission process as we speak, and plan to flip the switch to enable submissions within the next 24 hours. The Wire provides a groundbreaking platform for the advancement of magic just like Apple developed with the App Store and iTunes. It allows anyone with an idea the opportunity to reach magic and cardistry enthusiasts like never before.

There will be known and unknown artists climbing The Charts based on the quality and raw originality of their ideas. It's exciting! Of course, there will be submissions that are good but not great as well, but in order to be approved, all submissions must exhibit some creative merit. Just as iTunes leveled the playing field for music - allowing artists like Foster the People climb The Charts - The Wire will do for magic. We provide the platform, but the rest is up to YOU. Practice, create, advance, and make the most of it.
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