Kennedy's Trick(?) Sticks

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  1. Someone, please, remind me if the name of this trick. I remember learning it when I worked at a magic shop in the mid-1980s, but I've forgotten the name (which has decades off the directions).

    The directions are particularly unclear, so I'd like to see if I can find someone performing the trick so I can see it in action. It starts similar to a hotrod routine, but the two sticks are then suooosed to change places.

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  2. Trick sticks? Maybe Flick sticks?

    Maybe it's a flip stick routine? One where you flick it and it changes color or something?
  3. I remember a bit. I had to learn all these little tricks when working at The Magic Corner in Raleigh, NC.

    With this trick, it started with the standard hotrod turnover move, tr inf che gold stick into what they (lamely) called a "magic wand"— the gold color with shiny blue color on each end. Same stuff.

    Then, with the two sticks, we did *something* that made them switch places. Seems like we did it in one hand with some sort of switch, or maybe bumpy something as simple as putting them on a flat hand, closing it, maybe turning it over...I’m a right bit fuzzy on this part... somehow turning it over.

    As I said, the paper’s a bit degraded, but then again it’s been 25 years in a hot attic. You and I’d be a bit degraded after the same treatment.

    Anyway, it was a *reasonable* seller (again, mid-1980s), and I’d like to see it done. I’m certain it would al come back to me after seeing it.

    I’ll look for flick sticks, but hopefully someone will recognize it. My boss (Hughie Olmsted) isn’t around any more.
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  4. Were those the instructions? Also, can you photograph pictures of both sides?
  5. Did they switch in your hands? Have you tried using the Paddle move?

    Or am I totally mis-understanding what the effect was?

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