Kickstarter deck ideas?

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  1. Hey everyone!
    I am currently in the process of designing a deck, to put on kickstarter, and I thought it would be cool to get input from people, to help make it be moe what other people like, not just my personal taste.

    So, What do you like in a deck? I mean, Intricate, simple, Stock, finish, all that.

    What do you like? If i use one of your ideas, I'll send you a deck once it gets printed.(IF it gets printed.)

  2. I would advise against trying to crowd source the design. Out usually falls flat, and often indicates a design that's not ready for printing in the first place.
  3. Thanks. I'm starting to think that.
  4. If you have to ask, then you aren't ready to do it.
  5. Yes...Here is some advice I give every kickstarter and none listen but I'll say it again anyways. Get off your lazy butt and at least try to call a card printer besides USPCC. The Magic Castle produced a nice card through Carta Mundi, maybe you can too? You will never know until you ask. Here is what I do know though....USPCC will NOT open up the door to their web press for you. They might tantilize you with options like "The Magic Finish," or an "Aristocrat Stock," but neither of those seem to work as well when they are not given the treatment an pampering of the Web Press. Thus you wind up with a card that isn't any better than a Bike, or Bee, or even Maverick, that you can buy for $2.00-3.00 at a big box store.

    The way the small run market is, you then need to turn around and sell your cards for prices ranging between $7.00 and sometimes even $15.00! Do the math....I don't want to pay an extra $5.00 - 13.00 for your vainglorious art project. Unless you are a friggen Picasso you had better offer me something more for the price!

    So if you are determined to jump on the latest magic fad(producing your own deck of cards) do us a favor and try to offer us something a little more. Try to sweet talk USPCC into using their top line press and if that doesn't work call another printer. They are competitors after all! Let the free market do what it is supposed to. And maybe, just maybe, a little competition in this kickstarter craze will force USPCC to start setting pricing that will make the end product either cheaper, or of higher quality. Some of us actually DO care as much about the quality of the card as the look and we are kind of sick of kickstarters trying to sweet talk us into believing that their trashy deck is worth $15.00!
  6. Ight...

    Now, i like what he said cuz its true. Listen to what he said because hes right. Now, i you really want a design...Do a wizard design. Court cards: Jacks are mages. Queens are evil witched. Kings are Gandolfy type wizards. The back would be a intricate, lacy, elagent, magical feel.
  7. Or you could go with HOPC. They give you 70% of the profit or something.
  8. My advice would be to take a xanix and lock yourself in a closet until the urge passes.
  9. watch your shipping cost. supposedly, the shipping for domestic and international is going up after Jan 27th. it seems most producers of new decks of cards take a hit on shipping.
  10. Personally I think the liniod finish (the one used on tally ho's) is best, its snappy and lasts long. If you dont want that please dont use the magic finish its way too slippery.
    You want a deck of cards that is not too over the top after all if magicians are going to use it you want it to have simple faces and I think a white deck is the best. I say this because cardists are more likely to use it too. However you should also include some customisation, such as the backs, ace of spades, jokers, colours and the box ;D

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