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  1. Hey again! So I have great news! I have a kids magic show coming up in a little over a week and I'm still working on some material for it and I'd like to ask you guys some advice. I have a couple things i already know I want to do, but i would like to add some more material in. I wanna do something with a thumb tip, some balloons, maybe some type of miser's dream routine, and so far, im kinda stuck with that. Is there anything out there you guys can say would be good for it? its gonna be for max: 70 kids.
  2. 70 kids!!!!! More power to you! If possible, you could try to learn some sponge ball magic, but you might not have enough time to perfect it. I have a jumbo straw that comes out of a bag that is always a hit. For the future, and I'm speaking to everyone in general, before accepting a show, you need to have a plan of what you're going to do. There are too many threads asking for last minute help because someone needs more material and the show is next week! :)
  3. do you maybe have a rope routine you might want to do?
    its really easy to learn some routine like proffesors nightmare or cut and restored rope routine
    even online or something
    you might want to try buying some mouth coils and doing a simple torn tissue paper to mouth coil trick cuz they are easy to learn to use
    just watch some kid shows online and it may lead to some ideas
    good luck with ur show
    (im also doing a show within the week but with far less people so good job to you)
    hope this helps
    Go nuts :) Most kid stuff is pretty easy to learn (not to learn) since kids will call you out the moment they see something. Magic Coloring book is awesome, I have two and let the kid to the magic with a magic marker/eraser. Thumb tip blendo is good, I don't much other TT routines. Get a change bag, and sponge bunnies are awesome. Breakaway wand is a good hit too. Just look to see what suits your style, good luck! If you have any questions on kid shows, PM Rick Everhart or Reality One, they have loads of experience with kids.
  5. I agree with everyone else who told you that you should never take a gig that you don't have a show prepared for. I've been working on a new kids show for the past month and it won't be ready until at least the end of February.

    Seventy kids will be tough if you haven't done a kids show before. Knowing the ages will allow me to give you better advice. Also, knowing how long you need to perform would be helpful.

    The best advice is to go with what you know. Now isn't a time to learn new effects. With that in mind, there are some effects you can pick up pretty quickly. The patter will be pretty much "look at me" but there really isn't time to do any better.

    Mark Wilson's Tic Tac Toe Using a White Board (PM me if you want some tips on presentation)

    Vanishing Bandana

    Invisible Deck Using a Beach Ball and a Paper Bag (I'm pretty sure I've written this up before so you can find it using the search feature)

    Sponge Ball Blendo - The basic routine is self-working. If you have any sleight of hand skills, you can incorporate a moe complicated spongeball routine into it to make it longer.

    How to Make a Zebra - OK, you can Google this and you won't find anything useful. Get a change bag, a 9 inch black silk, a 9 inch white silk and a two 9 inch zebra silks (or one 18 inch zebra silk). You can get smaller silks and a zebra streamer and do this with using a TT. Use your imagination for the patter. Ask what color is a zebra. Have them cheer for white and then for black. You get the idea.

    One last comment. Don't fall into the novice trap of performing trick after trick with no presentation. Pick effects and pair them with presentation so that each effect will be around 5 minutes.

    Feel free to post what other effects you have and I'm willing to help you develop something resembling a show with some good patter.
  6. I'm with Reality on this one. Post some of the effects you were thinking of and maybe some of us can help you put them in a nice orderly routine to at least get you organized and possibly get some transitions going.

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