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  1. So... I have known that I should start getting started working on stuff for kids' parties for quite sometimes. But I have been avoiding it for awhile because it isn't my taste. But the truth is, eventually I am going to have to face this. Does anyone know where I could find some good material just for kids?
  2. David Ginn Material or Seriously Silly by David Kaye
  3. Both are great suggestions by Rever,

    The only thing I'll add is focus on comedy, humor, audience participation, and visual things. Sponge Balls, Sponge Rabbits, anything that produces a live animal, etc. Kids are more parlor magic than close-up. From my experience, card tricks (least they be something like McCombical prediction) don't play that well to a younger group.

    If I think of anything else, I'll comment back.
  4. Miser´s dream is a good trick for kids!! you can always create your own...

    also take a look at the magic has a thread for kids magic...
  5. I see where you are coming from, but to be honest, you don't "HAVE" to learn kids shows. If you are going to work in a restaurant, knowing how to handle a family table including some children, will be important. However, the necessity to learn an entire kids show only comes if you agree to do a kids show.

    If you are wanting to be well versed in all areas of magic entertainment, then yes, pick up the references that Reverhart mentioned.

    Myself, although I can handle a small kids show using sponge bunnies/ sponge balls, Rocky the Raccoon, Balloon animals, comedy cups and balls, etc... I will only agree to do a kids show if I am that desperate for money.
  6. If it isn't your taste, don't do it. Kids shows aren't "easy" magic shows that anyone can do to make a couple of bucks. Kids shows require a greater ability in the area of presentation and audience management then performing for adults. You have to be entertaining, not just doing tricks. Kids shows have to be interactive, not just the kids watching you.

    Kids are brutally honest and can tell if you don't really care about them. If your heart isn't in it and you don't put the time and effort to make the show amazing, then you are negatively affecting the way those kids see magic. Remember, children view magic differently from adults. The view magic as being truly possible. Those are tremendous expectations to meet.

    If you want to do kids shows, develop a show that is better than anything else you do. As Luis said, there is a great kids magic forum on the Cafe with a lot of great magicians who perform hundreds of kids shows per year. If you can't produce a show that is on par with what those people do, it isn't worth doing. Not for you and not for your audience.

    David Ginn closed a lecture I saw by reading a children's book called "Love Your Forever" to demonstrate what is important in a kids show. Go to a library or bookstore and check that book out. Read the book and think about why David Ginn would close his lecture with it.

    Being desperate for money isn't a good enough reason. I'm sure you put all your effort into making kids shows excellent, but you also need to put your heart into it. The goal of your kids shows should be to see the kids smiling, laughing and being astonished, not making a couple of bucks when you are desperate.

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