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  1. Hello I am doing a kids magic show for communion in about 2 weeks. The ages range from 8-15
    The two girls getting their communion are 8 years old and twins

    What are some trick I can use that get them both involved and make them both feel special on their communion day

  2. Out of this world would be a great effect. I would also recommend Waltzing Cheek to Cheek by Joshua Jay.
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  3. Give them both a wand, let them be the ones producing the balls in a cup a and ball routine. End up with a sponge ball load in each of their fists.... They will feel special if they are part of the show, and are creating some of the magic.
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  4. I love the tht train waltzing cheek to cheek but not sure how it'll play in front of a large crowd

    And that's a cool idea with the cup n balls n Spongeballs

    Thanks guys
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  5. I too focus primarily on kids magic, and primarily my kids and their friends...I like what you have already started on but a c0uple that I like to use with kids in that age group....
    Cut Rope - where you appear to cut a rope in half then magically repair it! I work this after the Professors Nightmare. I also have a set of Chinese Sticks that the kids seem to like...and...
    Scotch and Soda Coins, Foo Can Gag, and a few card tricks which can be done with any favorite one I do not have a name for it but someone picks a card from the deck then places it back in the deck, I put the deck behind my back and then show that the only card upside down is the card they picked!
  6. Eric Ross's Election - Play to whether as twins, it is better to be similar or different. Have them each select a card as a "test" to see if they are more alike or different.

    Alternatively, you can have them perform a trick themselves. Set up the deck with the red cards on top and the black on bottom. Give each twin half of the deck. Have a spectator select a card from one twin's half and another spectator select a card from the second twin's half. Have the cards shown to the audience and then put back into the other twin's half. Ask the twins to look through their decks and see if one card stands out to them and to pull that card out of the deck.
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  7. I like all the idea. I will deff give those card tricks a try but do you guys have anything tht doesn't involve card
    What I usually do for the birthday kid or communion kid is I give them a magic wand and the paper hat tear n they do a magic trick. Then they keep everything.
    But with twins. I don't think making to paper hats will b as amazing as one cuz the second one will b expected
  8. You can do separate effects for each one. Hat Tear for one and Sponge Balls for another. There is no reason why you have to have them both help with one effect. Your kids show should have multiple opportunities for spectators to be involved because there often is a little brother or sister or a best friend that you want to have a little spotlight.
  9. I know I'm am going to do separate effects for them
    The thing that I asking is this party if because these people saw me at another party. Where I gave the communion kid a paper hat tear and a wand n he was so happy. So the mother asked if I could do the same for her twins. So if I do like a paper hat for one and give the wand to another. I thought Tht would b good but people are telling me well what if they both want them
    N blah blah n in jus confused as to what to do lol

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