Killers DVD - Daniel Madison and Myles Nakouzi

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Just browsing Daniels new site (Advocates backwards) and found a link at the very bottom right of the products page:

    It says: Killers - Daniel Madison and Myles Nakouzi - DVD. I searched but there is no info on it anywhere that I could find.

    I just wondered if anybody knows anything about this...

    Cheers Aaron
  2. Wow, didn't know about that. IT should be interesting.
  3. Yeah I was wondering about that too actually.
  4. Time ago D+M posted on vimeo a video of this X project.
    A sort of teaser.

    I think he deleted it from vimeo
  5. Don't get your hopes up. It's not an actual magic DVD. It's the two of them playing air guitar to the classic Iron Maiden album for an hour.
  6. Yeah, same here... I remember the video, too.
  7. Are joking or is that real?
  8. Omg.. Are YOU joking or are you serious?
  9. He is very serious.

    d+M also does not come in color. Didn't you know this?
  10. And if you're not satisfied with D+m playing Air Guitar to Iron Maiden after you get the DVD...

    You can't return it because you might reveal the info to somebody else =/.. buy wisely
  11. Who wouldn't be satisfied with an hour of air guitar to classic Iron Maiden?
  12. Well, me, because Iron Maiden sucked with REAL guitar.
  13. I've been waiting for their Sponge Bunny DVD to be released.


    3 Discs... 6 Hours.

    Everything you could have ever dreamed to know about bunnies made out of sponges... The wait is over...

    Disc 1...

    Introduction: With revolutionary equipment, little sponge bunnies actually hope around the menu and you swear to yourself that they are jumping out of the screen into your room. The bunnies each hop into a hole and the screen fades away.


    ...Daniel Madison...

    Clip shown of Madison performing the bunnies before a small crowd of people outside a pawn shop.

    ...Myles Nakouzi...

    Clip shown of Nakouzi pulling a bunny from his pocket and the camera slowly soars through a crowd of thousands.

    Soundtrack plays.

    "Intense... I gave up magic after seeing this... my eyes were opened to a whole new world... This is it."
    - Michael Ammar

    "What the f---.... bunnies.... Madison takes it to a whole new level."
    - Genii

    "Hello months of therapy..."
    - Paul Harris

    "Should've been kept underground..."
    - De'vo vom Schattenreich

    Both artists step towards the screen, "And so it begins... Magic taken to the next level... This... Is... Killers..."

    bum bum... bum bum... bum bum..

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