King Rising Levitation Practicality

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by emagician, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. I've had the King Rising for a little over a year and I am still questioning how practical the effect reallly is. Is there anyone who has performed this successfully and often?
  2. If i were you, I would pass on levitations of any kind.
  3. i did it a couple of times
    crazy reaction
    but it's kinda hard to get the spectator where you want..
    try it
  4. 'cept for maybe loops levitations.
    I actually have used the balducci lev. and it still works!haha.I thought most laymen knew that method.
    I almost never perform it though.
  5. I personally hate the King's Rising levitation. I think it's a pretty dumb method. No offence. I love the idea of levitating, but so far the only self leviatation methods I have come across suck something fierce.

    It would be cool if theory11 would come up with a WHOLE new method and sell it here. That would be great!!
  6. yeah king rising failed for me.
  7. I actually think the method for KR is simple, original, and ingenious. It's different but when performed correctly it looks absolutely killer. I've performed it in the past and have gotten wonderful reactions.

    I like it.

  8. Yeah, I bought KR about a year ago and I have never used it. I thought it would be a totally awesome and new way to levitate, and trust me it is a cool method, but I have never found a practical use for it. Levitation has never really fit into my own routine so it doesn't fit with anything I do. If I do it, the effect is more like hey look what I can do. I'm not really like that.

    Over all I think it is a good effect and method in thought but not very practical.

  9. I did some work on a KR related project for Brad C. about 4-5 years ago, created a gimmicked version that's much more workable.

    Not impromptu like the KR though - If you imagine a cross between KR and Zero Gravity. Hopefully that should give people with KR a tip on the method so you can go play with it, but any other questions just PM.

    The book it was going in didn't get published in the end though - I was super disappointed!:(

  10. I personally think the ''Balducci'' is better than KR.

  11. I agree tbh - I use Balducci far more than KR!

  12. I will third that opinion!

    Though, Dee, I'm now interested in your gimmicked KR.
  13. Drop me a PM - You'll have to know the original KR to understand what I'm blabbing on about, so no sneaky young chaps trying to figure out the KR, I won't reveal anything!

  14. I've used it once in combination with balducci (right after). and it killed.

    But I've never found a good time to use it since.

  15. Yeah, I would really like to create a new method that people would actually use often. I want it to be creative and practical. I'll work on it!
  16. I look forward to seeing anything you come up with! I did a LOAD of work on self-lev's a few years ago and there's so many cool allyways you can take - I've just re-opened the book so we'll all work on lots of stuff and I'm sure one of us here will come up with something cool!:p

  17. Inhale a lot of helium.

    I'm going to be rich!

  18. I have a very cool idea...itd work if i knew how to make things. Best angles ever too!
  19. I never use levitations unless, I happen to be doing magic where no one is behind me or my back is against the wall. Then I use Skywalker by the Enchantment. It's about 20 bucks and is very cool, prefer it over any other levitation on the market.
  20. Just curious, how many levitations do you own/know?

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