KKK 3 Coin Vanish

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by IllusiveCoinMan, May 16, 2010.

  1. I just ordered Mirage Et Trois by Erick Jones and I was wondering if the 3 coin KKK vanish requires sleeving at all. You really dont get to see the entire vanish of the coins in the trailer so I was just curious. Thanks.
  2. Im not sure if this goes into revealing at all, but the KKK vanish does NOT use sleeving...
    It uses a few sleights well within the grasp of any coin worker....

    Youll love it! I bought it from him at a convention and got it autographed and everything!
  3. Thanks. Much appreciated.
  4. As Eric Jones has stated to me thru conversations on Facebook, this is his workhorse. As for me it also was one of the very few pieces of coin magic that influenced me to indulge and become a serious coin worker. This can be done sleeveless, as it doesn't matter really. The three Klan vanish was a bit tricky in the beginning but since I've been using it over the last half year or more, i'm tweaking the 3 vanishes using sleeves and without. Its nice to mix and match and find out how it will become and the outcome. :)
  5. I would agree that its very versatile once you learn it...
  6. i ve just got the same dvd and i think it is one of the best routines i ve seen . i recommend it to any one because the slights are easy to learn nothing to difficult . i havent got it lookin smooth yet but in time and practice it will

    i was thinking maybe produceing the second coin with sankeys sick splits .
  7. Lol thats what I do too! I love Sanky's Slick Splits, I use it in alot of my routines. There's always cool ways to mix moves and customize routines to make them your own. Thats what I love about coin magig.
  8. do you preform for people i have only been doing magic for a few months so nothing is smooth or confident to do it for others .

    i was thinkin insted of the coin roll do sankeys flying shuttle .
  9. Yes I do perform for people from time to time. I have not really performed mirage et trois yet because I'm still mastering it but I have been doing spellbound routines, 1 coin routines, scotch and soda , and Iv'e been doing the "Money Doesn't Grow On Trees" routine from Bill Citinas book "Coinsomnia". This is my favorite production and vanish of 3 coins and is a great way to open up with coin magic. I think this routine rivals the Mirage et trois routine, but I have never seen anyone perform it. Just get out there and start performing for people after youv'e got your sleights and routines smooth and comfortable. Good luck.
  10. just two more questions i was wondering if you put the coin in jw grip and nowhere palm will people taller than you see the coins

    also when you have a soft coin(for example a walking liberty ) is all the bumps of the coin gone .. i bought a set off ebay from roy kuppers who was selling them alot cheeper than on his site because i live in the uk and coin shops are not easy to come by.
  11. For JW grip I highly doubt it. Actually I think someone would have a better chance to see the coin in JW if they were very short or sitting down. Mabey someone tall would see the coin in nowhere palm but I think it's all a matter of adjusting your angles to rectify that problem. As for the "soft" coins question, no my walking liberties still have all the bumps and ingravings on them. I don't think the bumps have anything to do with it. It's the fact that they are silver that makes them soft. Silver is a soft metal. What did you buy a set of? Walking Libery halves are my favorite.

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