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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sergey, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. In some effects, in my opinion, it is likely to get a better reaction when knowing the card before you do something, my best example for the type of effects is penetrations i.e. CTW, Indecent-types.

    I wanted to know what you guys think, I think it makes it more believable to the spec.
  2. Well I guess forcing a card is better in some ways. Like if you accidently mess up while shuffling, you can read their mind to get their card and start that trick all over again.

    Either way for me, free selection or force, I have no problem with either. But I remember someone saying that if it's a trick that allows them to have a free selection, try to classic force a card on them anyway, just for practice.
  3. I don't think forcing a card is what kaiarz means.
    I think he means letting the spectator know that you know the card they selected. And honestly, it's all a matter of opinion. Not knowing their card can, in some ways, be more impressive because in the spectators mind, you had no possible way of knowing their card, yet you just sealed it inside a Ziploc bag. It becomes more magical. If they know that you know their card, they might just think that you're quick with your hands, and got the card in through talent, rather than through magic.

    Anthony Bass
  4. Well if they know you forced them a card then it isn't magical but half the point of a force is not letting the spectator know you know their card. If you do the classic force i dont think its a problem. By the way i've been searching for a good source to learn the classic force any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Anthony Bass understood what I mean, and he said that he thinks it's better without you knowing, but maybe you thought, that I meant like knowing from the beginning, but I meant like when you have the cards already spread on the Ziploc bag (using your example) and you ask them and then say watch, and you pull it out!(if that makes any difference in your opinion because of a misunderstanding)
  6. With effects like Indecent or CTW, letting the spec know you know what the card is, before they see it themselves, is doing nothing but undercutting the tension created before the spec sees the card for themselves. In other words, it's like telling the spec how the story ends rather than letting them experience it for themselves.

    If the idea of the effect is it was a free selection that was lost in the pack, then the magician--by his own logic that he just put forth--shouldn't know what the card is. No one should, except the people who saw it when it was selected, until the moment of revelation.
  7. The Classic Force by Paul Green. A whole DVD dedicated to the classic force by a true master of the force. Excellent video with some very good effects on it as well. Best source for learning the force in my opinion. That's where I learned it and it's pretty much the only force I use.

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