Kodak Change by Geraint Clarke

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Geraint2k2, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys, and Girls ( or ladies )

    I have a new colour change that I need YOUR opinion on.

    I came up with it ages ago, and I have a 9 second video floating around the internet somewhere.

    So here is the preview ...


    I hope you like it, and If you want to see the explanation, to learn it, and review it, then please send me an email at : info@disturbreality.com

    Cheers again,

  2. Wow...thats pretty nifty...how would u say are angles on the Kodak change? It look goods to me :D
  3. The angles are pretty good to be honest mate.

    You are a bit exposed at your far right side.. at like a 3 o'clock position from myself.... but other than that, you are clear to go.


  4. Thanks bro, I jus sent an the email, and I was also wondering if you would be interested in a comedic twist on the TnR plot? Check my signature :)..its almost completed an lookin for one more person to take a look an review/test it out....thanks
  5. Yeah dude, i will test it out.

    I love TnR effects.

    just send me an email at : geraint2k2@hotmail.com


  6. Cool...thanks man...I really appreciate any feedback good or bad, this TnR is alot diffrent in how you actually restore the pieces. Its gotten really great reactions, btw i happen to stumble upon ur facebook an sent a fb friend request..lol...once again thanks :)
  7. hey man looks sick im about to pop u an email

  8. Looks awesome! I'd like to learn it. I'll send you an email.
  9. Looks awesome, i always liked B smiths change but i alsways felt it was way to exposed so loooking forward to this lol sending the email now
  10. As someone who hates the Polaroid change because of the angles involved this looks dope as hell, if the angles are what you say they are.

    Great job. As Aaron Fisher says, fixing problems is part of being a magician. You seem to have fixed one with a very good looking change.
  11. hey brooooo man!!this change is sweettt...and your willing to share...great stuff...you will be hearing from me in your inbox!!! =)
  12. Hey,

    Geraint came up with this a while back and we've been jamming and sessioning this move together since.

    I can safely say that the angles on this are bad ass! Although the handling is a little knacky.

    The best angle being from the video point of view and to the performers left. The right hand side is a bit dodgy, but if you turn your wrist in more, it covers workings.

    This change is visually stunning and when performed for real people...well....just watch their faces when you do it!
  13. Hey great job on the change,
    I sent an email about the change yesterday, has anyone got the explanation yet? Just wondeing.
    - Donald
  14. nopee hes probably busy
  15. To be honest...

    Thats one risky and not very practical color change...

    You should leave it behind.... just like the "polaroid change"....
  16. I agree, I happened to come across the Polaroid Change Explanation DVD and I was GREATLY disappointed. Change looks great man, sending an email now!
  17. Looks awesome man... Have to consider buying it:)

    Congrats on making it with Devils Advocate


  18. Very True Jake..
    It was my leavers party in work and I went out .... Im a busy man.

    Lloyd Barnes will be editing the explanation together, but he too has a life.

    Rest assured, everyone who has emailed me will get a personal response to learn the change for free.

    And for anyone who hasn't, i've decided not to sell it, as I think sharing is more important than selling, and with the amount of emails I've received, I feel thrilled that everyone likes it. So im going to give it away for free to Everyone who is willing to watch it and learn it.

    As Lloyd said, the angles are really good, and the move takes alot of practice, but the reactions you get are nuts!!!! Beyond belief !!!


    ( a very under the influence of alcohol ) GERAINT
  19. The Polaroid Change may not be everyone's cup of tea because of angle issues, but it does have one aspect to it that really sells it to a laymen that a lot of changes don't have--the card being changed happens away from the deck.

    A convincing color change away from the deck totally rocks laymen--and I mean on a "real mystery" level. There are a lot of color changed out there that, to magicians, look great because of their visual nature. But a lot of laymen know what's really happening--the cards are being switched in the deck. They may not know how, and they may be impressed by the visual nature of what's being done, but they know what's happening. That's why I, personally, prefer the Twirl Change or just a simple Top Change.

    I think the flaw of the Kodak Change is the same as most color changes--the card has a moment where "something fishy" happens too close to the deck.

    I don't do many effects that are angle sensitive as I'm usually working in near surrounded situations (which is why I prefer the two changes I listed above all others), but still, I'll take harsher angles over fishy moments every time. True Astonishment is what I'm after--not clever tricks.

    I do applaud Kodak for coming up with this change though, as it is creative and he obviously put some thought into it. And I'm sure the future material he comes up with will just keep getting better. I also applaud him for just trying to create his own material as opposed to simply waiting for the "next big thing" to come out. And for not trying to sell it as so many are so quick to do, but instead giving it away for those interested. Kodak, my friend, you are a gentleman and a scholar. :)

    I'm sure not everyone will agree with my thoughts here, but I thought I'd post them for the sake of the discussion. Agree or disagree--this is a great topic. :)
  20. Hey All!

    Just so you know the free explanation video has just gone live!

    So to all the people who have subscribed to the newsletter at www.disturbreality.com you can watch the change explanation immediately.

    If you havn't signed up yet, you can do it now and get the change.

    We hope you all enjoy the Kodak Change and use it as much as we do!



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