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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by card, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Hello. Again.

    So about a week ago i uploaded a video that was completely out of focus, and got a lot of negativity from this. So i learned from my mistakes and decided to upload a new video with smoother cardistry, so i hope you like this one better, and can help my improve my videos further by leaving a review with your thoughts and concerns about this video. (But please don't hate on the song. Because its awesome. To me. :) )

  2. Not bad at all! The music selection doesn't distract from, or over power the action being presented. I enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I liked the music, myself. I'm pretty tired of the same dub step/heavy metal stuff being played over someone's chest or crotch while they fiddle with cards.

    I think this one looks much better than the last one.

    Not much more to say than that. I don't like flourishing so I have little to no knowledge on how to improve that. It seems like you're doing well with it. Any other detractions I have would be the same for all 'cardistry' videos, so, good work?
  4. thanks! i'm glad to hear that people are liking this!
  5. Much better this time, your flourishing is great, the only thing I would suggest from here is a better setting, and your clothes. I can find plenty of videos of guys in their room in not their flashiest clothes. Put on a t-shirt and go outside.
    Great video though.
  6. it was 36 degrees when i was shooting this, and a pleasent 62 inside. :)
  7. Ah, forgive my ignorance, I'm currently in the middle of a very hot summer, in fact the national average today was 109 degress of your imperial temperature units.
  8. its okay. :)

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