L. V. M. I.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chainzero, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. I know LVMI is still a few months away, but me and a few friends just finished booking our plane tickets and registration. We're pretty hyped about going to Vegas.

    Any Theory11 crew/forum people planning on going? I know Mr. Garcia will be lecturing... can't wait to pick his brain!
  2. Care to tell the less educated what LVMI is? :p
  3. Only the second coolest convention held in Las Vegas! (Magic Live takes first, but that's only held every few years)
  4. What's it stand for?
  5. Las Vegas Magic Invitational.
    (Use Google)
  6. I went last year.

    Absoluteley wonderful... It's amazing how much of a difference your outlook on magic/life has when you spend 2 hours with Armando Lucero at LVMI...

    Great times. I will most likely be there this year, can't wait with the Erdnase study!!!

  7. I'm going!! anyone else?
  8. This is my first year going, seems like a blast. Can't wait for the erdnase tribute sounds awesome. Anyone else going PM me and see if we could meet up at the convention
  9. When is it, and how much do you have to pay?
  10. www.lvmi.net

    I can't attend this year, sadly...

    I would love to go, just a money issue...

  11. 1 Week!!! Cant Wait
  12. OH MAN this looks so sick! owell mabey next year... have fun everyone take some pictures and post them.

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