Last Laugh - Card Trick - Mark Esldon - Alakazam Magic

Dec 1, 2012
Creator: Mark Elsdon
Publisher: Alakazam
MSRP: $ 38
Skill Level: beginner / intermediate
DVD Run time: 28 min

Type of effect: stranger card routine

Manufacturer's Write Up:

Two decks of cards are introduced, both with different backs. One of the decks is removed from its box, shown to be 100% regular and shuffled. Your spectator now selects a card from the deck (sight unseen) and places it in his pocket.

You now state you are going to attempt to cut to the matching card but from the other deck.

Your spectators will be impressed by your skill when you accurately practice cut to both the jokers. What happens next is where the fun begins. You now start removing joker after joker from the deck. Your spectators will start to realize they've been had and it's a complete deck of jokers and just when the let their guard down you hit them. Yes every card in the pack is a joker...well almost every card. There is one card left face down on the table.

For the first time your spectator removes and shows his card. You could now cut the tension with a knife, have them reach over and take a look at the card on the table. It's a match!

Your spectators may have had a giggle throughout the routine but you certainly had the Last Laugh!

Last Laugh is easy to do and comes complete with a special deck and a registration code that gives you instant access to a full training video to get you started right away!How accurate is the ad copy? this is exactly what happens

What's in the box?Deck of cards - download code

Key points: practically self working, reset is quick, routine contains both humor and wonder.

How are the production values: HD quality DVD, multiple angles and careful teaching, everything you would expect from Alakazam

Is it well made: Bicycle stock cards

Is it well taught: Peter Nardi covers all the bases,he takes almost 30 minutes to teach you this simple effect by offering you tips, advice and even shows you a few forces.

My thoughts (what I personally liked/disliked): I liked that this trick has an inherent patter and routine built into it's premise. This is a great effect for people who want to add a touch of laughter to their presentation.

Storage? Does it "pack flat?" All you need to do this trick is the special deck of cards.

Does it "play big?" The kicker ending of a stranger card is a classic in magic ala "Red Hot Mama" and Chicago Opener

How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?)Obviously if you do tricks with a normal deck, this deck has to be carried on your person as well (which works as you need a contrasting deck to do this trick anyway)

How original is this idea? Expert Card Technique (chapter 13) has a en entire chapter devoted to the 'stranger card' plot.

Overall score: 9/10

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Mar 15, 2015
I just received a "stranger card" routine of sorts, that is pretty clever. It apparently was invented (updated) by a local magician (to my area), and he credits the "Thought Anticipated" and "Vanished & Gone" effects.

The name of the trick is New Millennium Brainwave by Chad Nipper, and being that I really like the effect of it, I can see how Last Laugh could play really big for certain events as well.

Thanks for the great review!
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