Late 1-on-1 This Week?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Donald C., Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. I am not usually 1 to complain about anything on Theory11 or in general, but man Theory11 really needs to learn not to say something if it is not true. They specifically said on their latest podcast that a new 1 on 1 would be released this Friday.

    They said it would be by Jesse Feinberg, now I do not really care that their was not a new 1 on 1, just because I do not really care for Jesse's work although he is a great magician and very creative.

    It happened with the Wire, where they said more information would be released within 24 hours. Why say this if it is not going to be released? To get people to keep checking back, I mean come on.

    I love Theory11, and I am not trying to say anything bad as they are a great company and truly put outstanding material out on the market.

    - Doanld
  2. They're probably busy with the wire..? They've just released 5 products and had a massive makeover for their site. Give them some time, it's only been 2 weeks..
  3. That is not my point. My point is THEY said it would be released this Friday. Why would they say it if they can't hold their word? Does not make sense to me.
  4. Hes not talking about that though. They may be really busy and tired, if so dont promise things you cant deliver is what he is trying to say.

  5. Exactly right. This is not the 1st time they have done this too, it has been repeatedly done.
  6. Well, it has been over 3 years more precisely. Surely T11 needs some more time, which I understand and 100% agree. But Donald said something right, Theory11 really needs to learn not to say something if it is not true.

    We love T11 :D, but giving us false info. continuously is indeed a problem.
  7. Lets all chill a moment. Let the site take it's course. Better they take their time to perfect their vision, rather than hurry to suit the needs of hasty impatient members. So what if they said it'd be 24 hours. obviously the weren't ready.
  8. I don't think you understand what I am saying. They said THEY were going to have a new 1 on 1 release this Friday. THEY said Their would be more information on the Wire. Not us anybody, I could care less if their was new release last night of a new 1 on 1 it is the fact, that they keep spitting out promises with no results.
    Like I said I don't care if their was a new release last night, but possibly a younger kid on here was excited after hearing that podcast and possibly stayed up til 11:00 last night, and then came to realize nothing was going to be released.
    All I want T11 to do is stop breaking their promises. Thats it.
  9. Frankly, I don't think it's a promise thing. It could be an ambitious thing.

    When you work in this industry and your high profile like T11 is (and their artists) that means that you may be pertent to information that you simply can't talk about. It's called Non Disclosure.

    When dealing with product releases, new contracts with artists, or certain promotion programs Non Disclosure becomes a HUGE issue. If the information leaks before the company is ready to protect it, then it could give rival companies a competitive edge against Theory11. Further it really becomes a litigation nightmare with lawyers trying to make sure all things are in proper order so the company can make an official announcement.

    In show business there is a phenomenon that occurs that pisses off everyone that gets caught up in it. That is the phenomenon of things falling through the cracks, opportunities presenting themselves and then disappearing faster than Luke Jermay after he "sold" people false lecture notes. If there is a certain aspect of the new release that fell through, or couldn't be completed on it's original time budget (even if it's a minute detail, or the fault isn't anything Theory11 can control) then the announcement can't be made. The release doesn't happen, and people like you get your panties in a twist, and resort to posting ill informed opinions on the net which launches the rumor mill into spinning action thus further complicating the issue.

    Theory11 has recently promised, and delivered on 5 major releases including a site revamp, and dealing with the massive sell out of one of their (soon to be) best selling products Smoke. They have a LOT going on right now. Probably more than you'll understand. My advice to you is to take a minute to sit back, simmer, and relax. You don't have any personal stake in anything. It's not like they pre-sold an unannounced special release that they failed to release Friday. You just got your hopes up. Other than your expectations you've got nothing else invested in this release.

    Give them a break, I'm sure you'll get your chance to see what they have cooking soon enough.
  10. your right. but what can you gonna do about it?
  11. Actually that "massive sell out" was not much of a "massive" sell out. They only had very limited supplies of Smoke.

  12. Way to pick at a moot point.
  13. Quality... not Quantity... let's just wait.

    a year from now the fact that a one on one and that the wire wasn't released on time won't matter
  14. This thread is kind of silly.

    Perhaps getting off the computer and going outside and performing magic for real people would be a good distraction from tracking every move T11 makes.
  15. Why does it seem like every topic on this site turns into "go perform"... stay on topic.
  16. The longer you wait for something to happen, the longer it will be for something to happen. The fact that so many rely on Theory to do the progressing in their art is kind of sad. Develop your own visions, your own goals. The Wire, as great as it may or may not be, doesn't really hold much say in your career. What theory is is an accessory to your art and career really. They provide you with some tools and help to take your art further. Not the art itself. Not every promise can be carried out. I'm sure you haven't succeeded in every promise you've ever made. For a company that is working non stop 24/7 to make you happy, they deserve a bit more slack. A million projects are in the works I'm sure. And, believe it or not, we don't need to know every detail. If they've given us anything as a company, it's a model. A model we should learn from. That we should work at least a fraction as hard as they are to make ourself the best we can be. And to never quit over a failure. So, in that respect, they have succeeded... Now... I'm off to go help some people out who need it. tootles.
  17. OK. This has been taken way too far. All I said was please do not say stuff, that is not going to happen. That's all.
  18. And you are so right.
  19. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    You guys need to find something better to do than just wait around for stuff. Yes, they miss deadlines. They probably say that stuff in podcasts to push themselves to meet deadlines, but considering all the new work they have to do to fix up the site and other products, it probably just wasn't possible.

    I agree that they should say, "We hope to have it out by Friday." instead, but knowing the way you guys act sometimes, even that would upset you all.

    Work is hard, and you never know how much of it you will need to do on these types of projects. They are human. It's simple.

    It's the easier thing to criticize other people, it doesn't impress anyone. Get jobs and you will learn this.
  20. Cage the Elephant said their second album would be out in January of this year, it is now August, and they're still in the mixing process, yet, life goes on. A band I like has broken a promise, but I just don't care. They'll get it out eventually, and that's all that matters. In your case, you weren't even excited about the products, so why complain, it doesn't really accomplish anything?
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