Laws against street performing in Spain?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by formula, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Looking at going to Ibiza for a week with friends and I fancy busking on the beach or on a busy street.

    Does anyone know of laws in Spain? The last thing I want is to get arrested in a foreign country for what is essentially begging.

  2. JAJAJAJA!!! I had a good laugh at that comment!!!
  3. I expect more than that from you Luis. I'm glad you found it funny but performing for money on the street is considered begging in many areas of the world. I ask for advice on this because being arrested in Spain would be serious, I'm glad it's a joke to you though.
  4. I would personally consult the local councils they would be able to to give a much much better answer than anyone here.
  5. No need to be an ass, Formula. I could've passively told you that I found out the answer to your question with a quick Google search, but I only did it here in response your equally aggressive comment.
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    hey dude!! relax!! I am going to spain in a few months and I can tell you that it´s much better to get paid for a show in a club... I have some gigs to around 100-150 euros a night... So I would recommend to work in a restaurant than busking

    chill out bro!!

    edit: my friend from spain says... since is recognized as an urban art... you can perform on street, as there are already a lot of street artist there... as long as you don´t make disturbances, you are good to go!!!
  7. I hear what you're saying about arranging actual gigs Luis but it's just a holiday. While my friends are on the beach or in the swimming pool I'll be performing 1 trick for 1 euro or something. It's more of a learning experience than finding proper work.

    Thanks for the confirmation. I read bit's and pieces from various websites but couldn't find anything about needing a permit or it being illegal so I guess it's all good.

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