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  1. Hello all.

    I have been working my way through the books i have and i am enjoying what I'm learning, at some point i will have to write down what I have learnt so far so i don't end up performing the same tricks on the same person.

    But i am looking to learn a few specific tricks, now 2 of them have been performed by known magicians on tv and one can be brought online but i want to find the best place to buy them or learn where i can find them, i want to say now that in no way do i want to perform them as the original magicians did, i will work on my own stories or ways to do them.

    With that said, the tricks i am looking at are,

    Joshua Jay's card trick performed on penn and teller fool us in which he performed the trick blindfolded (don't know if it has a specific name )

    A card trick in which the cards are paired together (only known video that comes to mind is shawn farquhar performance on the ellen show)

    And a trick / story that uses a full deck of cards, I've seen multiple videos of this trick, mainly performed in bars but each one i have seen uses a different story and I would myself like to learn how it works so i can make my own story.

    I will apologise now if the descriptions are vague in any way, I'm not sure what the rules on posting links to tricks are so i will refrain from doing so, but i can get the names of the videos for someone to see what i am on about (which I can send as a private message if needed)

    Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. You should send the links of the performances. I dont think it is against the forum rules to share a performance. If we see what you mean, we could figure sth out.
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  4. Completely agree with this! Magic books give you much more bang for your buck in terms of how many tricks are explained. And the fundamentals taught in books are valuable skills that you will carry with you forever
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  5. I was about to say that most of those "story" tricks are variations on Sam the Bellhop. If you're creative and know some false shuffles and whatnot, you could create your own.
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  6. Joshua jay performance

    Shawn farquhar performance, the trick i am on about is the first trick and starts at 40 seconds into the video

    And the last one is the bar story card trick

    @Hgagnon thank you for your reply i will check them out later.

    I have 10-11 books already which I will continue to use as they do have a lot of information and cover the basics in a few of them i will continue to get books as even i know they are extremely useful and most of the time better than other resources, but i am looking at one of tricks as they've be called because sometimes to me telling a story can make people think about things and sometimes help me concentrate.

    I am looking at buying the card college books as soon as the funds become available to do so.

    But again, thank you and everyone else for advice as always, it is always appreciated.
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  7. Awesome!
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  8. @Antonio Diavolo at the moment I don't actually use false shuffles at the moment, i do know a couple but I'm not so confident in using them. The main thing with that trick is how it works.

    After you have mentioned using false shuffles i know that i can't just pull a pack of cards out of my pocket and just perform it, considering people including myself have seen many versions of it all using cuts and shuffles and even audience participation so for me to pull out a pack and just run through it i think people would believe something is up with the pack so learning the false cuts properly will definitely help me so thank you for that.

    Also whilst I'm here i posted the video links so people can see what i was on about (for those that don't / didn't know)

    Thank you all for the help and advice on where to go and what to check out, thank you.
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  9. I can help you out with all of these effects but I'm not going to post the links publicly. It just makes it too easy for people to search online and get ahold of. If you'd like the actual effects send me a PM and I can get you the specific links.
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