Learning the pass?

Dec 5, 2007
Hello everyone :)

I was thinking about geting a dvd to learn the pass. Wich one should i get?

How is On the pass with richard kaufman and Ellusionists Ninja?
Dec 5, 2007
Ok thank you :) Im ordering On the pass and pass with care then :)

How long would you say it takes to learn the pass well, if you practice alot? and when i practice alot its like 5 - 6 houers a day.


Aug 31, 2007
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I would recomend Pass with Care, as Mitchell said. It is a great dvd and the ninja series is great for ideas on how to use to pass but you must have a fair grasp on the basic pass.

If you like hitting the back buttom alot on your dvd remote, then you could get Ninja 1 because he goes over the basic pass sleightly but if you watched it over and over again, you could learn it and the special forum has a great idea to learen the pass in 4 months I believe.
Feb 23, 2008
I would'nt buy Ninja for learning the pass. This is pretty much word for word what Eyeliner Man AKA Brad Christian does to teach you the pass. "What we're doing in this video is the pass which you SHOULD already know... he does the pass and then says Learn it MASTER it, now let's move on..." He takes about MAYBE 90 seconds on the pass itself. After that he just shows different ways to use it, but does'nt go into how to do it, so if you don't know how to do the pass already I'd definitely either wait till I learned it to buy the Ninja series or just get another one that trully teaches the pass. Hope this helps, later.
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