Lee Asher site down?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by indiana508, May 8, 2009.

  1. I have been waiting for 20 mins to place a order but my comp won load the web site? It is my Bday today so I was going to buy some cards with my money but I guess that option is out if there site is down right if anyone hads any info on this matter pm me or somthing thx


  2. I also think it was down until like 5 min. ago it started working... I was already on the blue Jerrys page re-freshing it for 5 min straight and then i notice it took a bit longer to load and I knew it was time... then it took me to the page to check out but then the error message from the internet server poped up... i kept trying and trying for the past 20 min. too and nothing... hope there was a glitch and we get another chance...?

  3. It wont load for me either.
  4. ya man I had a deck of reds in my cart and I got pushed off the server and it wont even tack 5 seconds to load the site it just wont let me =(
  5. It's up, it's just really, really, really slow.


    Unfortunately when I attempted to check out it gave me a Network time out.. only to say I have nothing in my shopping cart when I went back and tried to refresh. Oh well.. there's always next year.
  6. Lee's site does not have the appropriate bandwidth to handle the traffic today. It is kinda a random chance to even get there. I went to add them to my cart and got nowhere after that. If Lee is seeking for friends, he lost lots today because of not being prepared for the expected traffic. That being said, this always happens. You can never count on being able to get into these things.
  7. I got a pack of blue in the intermittent access I got. I just kept refreshing the page until it worked. It seems to be totally down now.
  8. ya I guess it waiting for next year
  9. its up again. still some left
  10. @jtmorris: How did you paid with payPal? I got a blue deck for 50$ too, but i dont get a link to paypal? How did you paid with PP?
    Cheers, David
  11. Well, I clicked the link in the conformation email to check the history and status. But there is nothing new there and no payment options. I think he will send another email with more information on how to pay.
  12. Jerry's Nuggets

    What a joke. Ashers site froze up in the 1st. 5 seconds.
  13. I tried to get a deck too....but after 20 min of the sie being down i had to go...

    Something similar happend to E and TA....
  14. You had to keep refreshing. I got through a few times. It took a while though.
  15. Yes i did the same too and got one for 50$...thanks for the information, i think we will get an email too...so you didnt paied yet, jtmorris?
    Cheers, david
  16. I just paid to his email through the paypal site. Using the 'send money' option.

    (thanks lkl)


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