Lee Asher : The Jerry's Nugget Secret

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Tumbleweed, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Just letting those who don't know yet that here lies a Jerrys Nuggets secret. Give it a look, it's interesting to know.
  2. I saw that just a while ago and found it really interesting can't wait
  3. Hmmm yeah just wondering about the price....
  4. Me too, just have to wait and see.
  5. That's a neat secret, indeed. :)

    And yeah, hopefully they'll be priced right, so I can pick a few up. :)
  6. hey its not only jerrys with the year there golden nuggets LVC decks dunes and many other have this i have a green golden form 1963
  7. Glad to see you all found it. I shot and edited the piece. Dana did the music.

    I posted on T11 media section, i guess it just hasnt been accepted yet.
  8. Great job man, thanks far sharing it around.
  9. Such a random place for the date though lol.

    Wonder would happen if it never got found..
  10. Props on a sweet video :)

    I hope I manage to get hold of some... Wonder if living in the UK will wreck my chances...
  11. There should be a limit on how many decks someone can buy, so we all have a chance.

  12. I hope they will be shipping the cards world wide because I live in Latvia and if they don't it will give me no chance to them...
  13. I ship world-wide my Latvian friend....

  14. I completely agree.
  15. Like two of each....that's seems fair.
  16. Ummm, now won't the counterfeiters know about this and use it?
  17. Yes but, you can tell just by looking at the box. For one the Stamp (or seal) looks faded and fake.

  18. Your questions will be answered.

    On April 7th, I'm going to make a major announcement about the authentic Jerry's decks being sold on LeeAsher.com. You're going to want to hear about it.

    (Note: April 7th IS NOT the day decks will be sold.)

    Stay tuned.

  19. That's cool.

    Does anyone know how much the cards will cost when they're released?
  20. nope. but there will be an announcement soon.

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