Lee Asher's 605 Playing Cards

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  1. If you're not signed in to Lee's mailing list - then do so NOW!

    This is the kind of great stuff you'll get ;)

    You're personally invited to see the massive pile of Lee Asher
    Signature Series 605 decks at Grand Illusions Brick and Mortar
    magic shop.

    No joke!

    Because Grand Illusions is one of my favorite shops in the world,
    starting Thursday July 16th, 2009 a mountain of my high quality
    playing cards will go on display for all to see. If you're in or
    near Sacramento, California then you should take the opportunity to
    view the ginormous pyramid of decks.

    Remember to bring a camera and take a photo with it so you can brag
    to your friends that you traveled to see the mountain of 605s.

    Here's the address. Google Map it:

    Grand Illusions
    7704 Fair Oaks Blvd,
    Carmichael, CA. 95608-1706

    If you can't attend, you can still take part in owning some of
    these high quality playing cards. The Lee Asher Signature Series
    605s are now on pre-sale for $9.99 per deck. If you want to
    purchase in volume, receive the super deal for $90 per brick

    Choose either vintage green or vintage brown.

    Click here to learn more about how to be one of the first to own
    these quality playing cards:
    (cut and paste if not clickable)

    Take advantage of this limited time offer because the price will
    increase shortly after the decks arrive at Grand Illusions, so act

    Enjoy Mount 605.

    Lee Asher

    ps. While I wish I could be there, I spend summers in Canada (Magic
    Camp). If you do make the trek and happen to take a photo, please
    share it with me. I am just a little envious of those who see it.

    I thought I'd give you card maniacs a heads up, as these card look class-eh-ey!

  2. Although they look nice...$10 per deck for the pre-order, and even more expensive after that? No thanks. $90 for a brick is even a stretch, and only seems reasonable compared to the $10 per deck price point. I just can't realistically rationalize paying that much for the cards. Maybe I'll get one of each for the collection, but that's about it. Definitely not spending more than $20 total on these cards, just because of how expensive they are. It's too bad really, cause they look nice, and I would have been willing to purchase a lot more had they been reasonably priced.

    Oh well, I'm sure lots of people will flock to these, like they flocked to the Nuggets sale. :)
  3. Yes, like I said - the card maniacs ;)

    I just thought they looked nice - reminiscent of vintages (which I want to marry).

  4. The price for these decks are ridiculous. How can a deck of playing cards be worth $10?

    What'll probably happen after a few months, just like all the new decks, is that he'll stop printing them in an attempt to make them into the "new" Jerry's Nuggets, just like what has been done with the smoke and mirrors and white centurions.

    $10?! I still can't get over that.

  5. And that's only until he jacks the price even higher, which he said he'll do. :p
  6. Wow. Look. More. Cards. Yippeee! Let me get my wallet. Never mind. They're ugly, and overpriced.
  7. I will never pay 10 dollars for one deck of cards. Also, I know they look "fancy" or whatever, but to me the back design and colors are going to SCREAM to laymen that it is those cheap, kid stuff trick decks.

    They might be great cards, but my my calculation one ambitious card routine is going to cost 19 cents. When I can get a dozen bikes for around 13 dollars, it would be stupid of me to pay 10 dollars for a deck I know I will never use.
  8. Exactly, Faust. Why spend a ton of money and end up still looking cheap. To me the bikes look fancier than these.

    Go Mountaineers!! (minus Pat White....craaap!)
  9. I agree with the two above me. I don't really find the design that interesting. 10 dollars is way to much for any deck of cards.:p
  10. they arnt bikes. like the ones at t11, or even aristocrat. these are high quality poker cards check out a review from other sites on this kind of card.. and who would pay 10 for cards? who would pay 50 or 100 and so for jerrys, they look like garbage too. I plan on getting a deck or 2, 10 bucks, wow, get a job people, so maybe you could buy something nice for a change
  11. I've got lots of nice stuff. I just don't want to buy junk. Thank you very much.
  12. Well then, mixed feelings...

    I still don't think they look cheap :p

  13. You guys need to calm down. $10 is a bit of a stretch for a deck of cards, but these decks aren't being shipped from Ohio. They are being imported from across the world. They are also being produced by one of the most prestigious card companies in the world that is known world wide for they're high quality decks. So with that in mind, $10 is not alot of money for this deck of cards.
  14. Correct me if I'm mistaken but doesn't "imported" usually mean cheap? Made in USA is usually a lot more quality.
  15. That's a pretty diluted way of thinking...just take a look at the auto-manufacturing sector, for example. :rolleyes:
  16. I met with lee on tuesday and used one of his first packs of the 605's. By no means are the cheap.
  17. They look nice, and I would love to feel them. Plus they would be great for a flourishing video, as well as the fact that I collect.

    My only problem is that I don't have 10 bucks (plus shipping) to spend on a deck. I could spend the money of two decks to get plenty of stuff; with the money of just 2 decks, I could buy:

    A magic book or
    A magic DVD or
    A pair of pants or
    Food for several days or

    I don't see the point in this... Although I would love to have them. Too bad he doesn't ahve contests to give them away.
  18. While I trust that the quality of these cards are good; I don't think Lee would put out a poor quality product, I still think $10 per deck is a lot of money. Personally, judging from the pics on Lee's site, I don't really care for the way they look. I'll stick to my Bikes and Tallys.

  19. Where I live, regular Bicycle and Tallyho cost 10$..

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