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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by The Tumbleweed, May 25, 2009.

  1. Woah, me on the coin forum? You all saw it.

    I'm just wondering about the last vanish in Silver Dream. It's a fantastic idea, and I love it. Well, I would love it if it were possible to do left handed. If you know the method you'll know what I'm talking about. It just feels and looks awkward. Any ideas?
  2. Oohh i had to run through silver dream in my head for a minute. But essentially i guess it would be an awkward jerking motion wouldn't it if you are left handed because you have to go that "Extra Mile" if i may say. I guess you could try replace it with a different vanish, preferably one where you end clean.

    But then also you want to keep in in the hands in motion sort of thing you know? Instead of going from the "Basketball" Vanish to say the Revolution vanish would kind of break the pace of things.

    Also you want to keep the cleanliness of each vanish so it sort of narrows it down a fair bit.

    You could potentially try Kevin Parkers Revolution Vanish and routine it in. (Hey its just an idea). Or Even Homer Liwags Melt vanish though you obviously dont end clean it looks visually stunning to spectators.

    Hope i helped :p


    P.S it is surprisng to see you on the coin forums.
  3. Well I had an amazing epihphany today where I realized that coin magic is actually better than card magic. :eek:

  4. Haha Welcome to the other side Trust me its good to be part of all parts of magic.
  5. oh man, i've been on this side of the fence for a while the tumbleweed. coin magic is brilliant.

    silver dream left handed, ewww. man you should just steal it from your left or is that your right ? then ditch it
  6. Hey there!

    Personally, i ditched the last 'vanish' altogether. I use Homer's 'Melt vanish' for the last vanish, and continue with a production straight afterwards.

    So it goes From the first two vanishes from SD, Melt vanish from Coin One/Two (Homer Liwag) And then just Produce them afterwards.

    Im a righty, but i found the last vanish of SD impractical as i couldnt reproduce it afterwards.
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    You could replace the vanish. Or you can put in the practice and learn it in the other hand. gasp
  8. topit'ish vanish? buy a left handed shirt,

    one alternative ive really liked using is a different wardrobe. i have a hoodie with very loose sleeves, the last vanish i just utilize a different area to ditch to. eg. front pocket. just muscle pass it. also, didn't he go over a different approach for the final vanish in the dvd? i should watch that again. one other option i can think of would be to reach for a "wand" like a pen or something in the pocket and ditch it that way but thats pretty suspect. i think the best way would probably be a shirt open near the top and topit it.
  9. There's no reason to DO it left handed. Not that the term "left handed" should really apply since both hands are involved in must coin vanishes.

    All you need to do is know a false transfer from the right hand to the left. Doesn't matter which hand you wright with.
  10. Expanding on Gil's post: Homer Liwag also teaches that same sleight (i think its called a 'Grip' of some sort. cant remember who by.) in Coin Two.

    JW Grip i think. Im judging by memory. But anyways, yeah that's a cool way to do the last 'vanish' as well and can easily transition to the reproduction phase easy.
  11. I think you would have to do what Justin Miller called the no pocket version.

    But you could also change the routine. Take the moves you like best. There is a lot of cool moves explained.

    For me, there were two of the easy moves I really liked. One is like a french drop, only I think it is superior. The other one I liked is a move that makes the person think your hand is empty. I forget the names. I'm going to incorporate the easier moves I like now to build on other coin tricks. Then maybe down the road I'll be able to do some of the advanced ones later.
  12. I dont think you get the point. Yes he can do the vanish but it looks very unatural for a left handed person they have to make this extra jerking motion. I'm sure he has no problem with doing a false transfer at all. Its just for this particular vanish there is an extra un-needed, un-natural jerking motion.
  13. How is there an extra motion that a right handed person, using the same hands, would not have to make?
  14. because the extra 'jerky' motion is the transfer. and another downside to that is that you'd have to do the 'sleight' with your other, non dominant hand.

    See the third vanish in SD is a retention, therefore there is a justification for your hand to wave over your left hand, because from spectators point of view, the coin is in your left hand. (But is secretly retained cause you're a devious little sausage.)

    Good stuff? aye.
  15. That sounded so bad hahaha but so so true.
  16. What sounded bad? the sausage comment? Lets just say that ive been reading Derren Brown's book.. (again).
  17. You should be able to do transfers of any kind with both hands, dominent or not. But still, I don't see why there would be an extra movment for a lefty vs a righty. Why is there a jerky move in the transfer?
  18. Do you know how it's done?
  19. I do it left handed.

    I just casually bring my hand up and ditch it, as I gesture with my other hand and do magical motions. Then gesture over the hand (with the supposed coin) and vanish.


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