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  1. Hi fellow flourishers,

    I'm currently working on the LePaul spread and a few questions came to mind:

    1. How fast should you "spring" the cards off your left hand fingers?

    2. When practicing springing cards one by one, should you practice with the thumb on top of the left hand packet, or should the thumb be on the side of the left hand packet? I'm wondering about this since for longer spreads you need the thumb to secure the cards on top of the packet.

    3. Which direction should I learn to spread first? I'm working on LePaul spreading cards to the right in a straight line, but the S spread seems easier for some reason....


  2. What? Do you want that in metres per second or miles per hour? This is a question that cannot be explained in words other than "experiment and find what suits you".

    Again, this is something you have to experiment with. I personally keep my thumb very lightly on top of the spread as it just helps somehow but my friend doesn't use his thumb and spread well.

    It would be best if you learn to spread from left to right in a straight line as your s-spreads will be much wider and nicer than if you just started with tight s-spreads.

  3. Hi,

    1. You should spread them as smooth as you are going when you do a regular spring, consistant speed.

    2. Your thumb should be very lightly on the top of the deck, just following with the motion of the card springing.

    3. I think you can practice both at the same time, this is what I did, and it ended out pretty good.

  4. Practice doing a U shaped spread, But if you do S-curve better, thats excellent
  5. So is the U Lepaul spread an upside down U?

    My problem is that my S spread is based upon more on the glossy finish of the cards rather than riffling the cards off the fingers. That's why I'm still working on the U spread.
  6. everyone's speed will be different. i tend to spread alot slower, whereas many of my colleagues ( i felt like using a cool word) will spread much faster

    as far as where the thumb is, its again up to personal preference. i put it on top, but near the bottom of the card: it gives me the most support.

    i find that s is typically easier to learn, so i would go with that :D

    hope it helps!
  7. The best tip is to work with new cards, If you know how to spring cards then the rest is easy

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