"Let me see the card", double lift help.

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  1. Hi! So when I title this double lift, I don't need help with the actually double lift, I need help after it. You see, the whole point of the double lift it to make the person think that the card your holding is there card, but almost everyone I show, asks to see the card, and you can see where it can go stressful from there
  2. There may be something fishy looking whenever you do the "get ready" and it most likely tips people off. Try recording yourself and see how obvious you may be doing it.

    If people do ask; what you can do is thumb off the card you're displaying as a single card while simultaneously turning your wrist to hide the card underneath it and then ask them to inspect it. If you're sitting at a table an extra precaution you can do is as you bring your hand back, after thumbing the card off, lap the reversed card.
  3. Two things to do to correct this:

    1. Adjust your performance: If you are getting called out on your double, either they can see the cards split in which case you simply need to work on it more to make it look more natural or not flash. Or you could even adjust your performance to "Motivate" the move you are doing. A video of your DL will help to see maybe if the spectators are catching something you may not be aware of.

    2. You could "clean up the double" by performing a sort of slip cut type move to steal the single card off the top of the deck. I do not know the name of this move so anyone who is reading this if you know the one i am speaking of, feel free to post it! :)

    Sometimes people just catch things.... if they know what a DL looks like there is not much to do to hide it technically. This is where you need to adjust your presentation so that there is no reason for them to want to check. If you say something like "We will turn your card face up on top of the deck" that will bring heat to the card and make them wonder if it really is one card.

    Hope this helps!
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  4. Yeah adjust your performance. haven't been called on a double in almost a decade. Now when I turn it over it get squared with the deck except for a pinky break. Then I use the vernon push to turn it back.
  5. What effects are you using the double lift for? What contols are you using? What double lift are you using?

    As others have said, if you technique isn't perfect that could be the problem.

    If you are just having them select a card, controlling it to the top and then turning the top card over using a double lift, of course they are going to be suspicious. There is nothing else for them to focus on except challenging what you are telling them.

    Further, I suspect you are performing in a "challenge" style where you are either explicitly or implicitly challenging the spectators to figure it out. Change from challenging the audience to entertaining the audience.
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  6. That would be the 'KM Move' (Kardyro-Marlo Move) assuming you mean stealing the rear card of a face-up double. Great sleight with some fun applications.

    Other than that I have nothing to add to this thread other than seconding what everyone else has said.

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  7. There shouldn't really be an opportunity for questions during that point in the routine. You should be talking and moving on with the trick. Though as mentioned above, it is likely that there is something cueing the spectator that a move has happened if they are asking, especially if they have to interrupt to do so. It could even be your 'get ready' that is the tip off. Post a video if you like.

  8. YES That is the one! :)
  9. As Rev said, KM move: it is designed specifically for that purpose. There may be other methods, but that is the most straightforward one that comes to my mind.
  10. If you don't know already I would learn how to use the pinky count as your get ready. I use it all the time it works wonders as you aren't fiddling with the cards trying to get a break on 2 card. The practice yiu put into it will be well worth it.

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