Lethal DVD - Available

Feb 17, 2008

For a long time, the Lethal DvD wasn't available. May people ask how obtain the DvD but it was too late. The last week, on the website of Daniel Madison, the link for buying Lethal DvD has been activated. So, I have tried to buy the DvD. The result : I have just received the DvD (signed DvD + signed card).

I don't know if it's just a few copy or not but if some people are interested : go to the website of Daniel Madison (here. ;)
lethal = awesome for all the bonus footage.

anyway, in the interest of not starting up another thread, has anyone gotten the advocate yet? looks pretty good

I have!
Its actually quite cool and you only need one deck for this. The possibilities with this are truly endless.

PM me if you want to ask something.

PS: Why is the Lethal DVD now obsolite?
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