Lets make a magic trick 1 sentence at a time

Nov 12, 2016
LA (Lower Alabama)
Hello, good afternoon, and welcome to what is sure to be the biggest disaster in theory11 History!
It is a wonderful late Wednesday so LETS PLAY!

I've wanted to do this for awhile, but was extremely worried, but have worked out the kinks(hopefully). This week we are comprising a trick with a routine, explanation, and patter all together! 1 Sentence at a time. Like I said there are Inherit problems with this idea so here are some ground rules.

-Each person is allowed 12 words total. You can go less just not over 12.
-You are allowed to comment multiple times, BUT you can not exceed your 12 Word Total. (If your first comment is 8 words, then your second comment has to be equal or less than 4 words, OR you can have 2 more comments equal to 2 words or less, and so on and so forth)
-I know many English classes in the USA do not count articles (a, an, and the) as words, but we do.
-Hyphenated words are one word, but please don't Be-the-guy-who-types-like-this.
-Comments have to at least almost sorta kind of relate to the previous sentence a little.( So no: "Do a back palm to conceal the selected card," Followed by: "Pull a very stinky cheese from a hidden compartment in your AK-47 )
-The sentence doesn't have to be complete
-After a week (17th) the trick is final. Until further notice

There we go! After that I think we are ready to begin the disaster! As usual I will begin and go from there. Fingers crossed, but just remember

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