Levitation Patter: Hanged

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  1. Hey everyone. I was doin my Rubik's cube (4x4) when I had a stroke of genius. For this idea, you need to know either Balducci or King Rising levitation (or any other impromptu levitation). It is really good if you are wearing a tie of some sort.

    Here is the general idea. The magician says he can hang himself without rope. The audience doubts this statement, so the magician grabs his tie (or the area around his head).

    As his arm moves up, the magician's feet leave the ground. The magician sounds like he is choking, only to stop when his neck becomes limp and his feet become limp. He slowly lowers his arm while his feet hit the ground. When the magician turns around, scratches and scuffs are seen on his neck.

    This is a very basic idea, and could be very scary for some people. I would recommend this for performance at a middle or high school or even a Halloween party. Hope you liked it!

  2. maybe if you perform saw or some other trick that involves your neck might add a extra kicker to the effect
  3. Good idea!

    I don't know any levitations (not my type) so I wouldn't do it - but make sure to post a video sometime ;)
  4. I had the same sorta idea a few months back.
  5. hahahaha:p:p:p
  6. Sounds gcool. Maybe you could have your head fall off at the end.

  7. It is definitely a very neat idea, certainly around Halloween it would be very effective.

    The only thing I would be wary about is how certain people act towards you "hanging" yourself. I know someone who has hung them self and if a random stranger came up to me and in a way mimicked that act I wouldn't be comfortable at all.

    That's my word of caution,
  8. Yeah. I thought of that too. That's why I would recommend knowing your audience well or at least have done some previous tricks to them.
  9. wow what a great idea... i've been trying to find unique ways to use king rising. I like it.
  10. You could have an "invisible rope". When you want to perform it, act looking around for something, and when you "find it", act looking around for a place to hang it. Tell them you want to hang yourself, and do the effect.

    Thisis really a very good presentation :)
  11. a bit off topic here, but since we are talking about combining effects, u should try combining Saw with Wounded. People ran away immediately, some screamed and tried to call the ambulance for me .___.

    OR, you can also combine Wounded with Power Word: Fall's presentation. Instead of saying "Fall" and have things falling, you say "Bleed" and have your eye bleeding. Surely freaks people out.
  12. NEW IDEA!!! You "accidentally" mess up on a trick and say you are so sad, you want to kill yourself. Then proceed with previous patter.

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