Life span of deck of cards?

Jan 23, 2023
Newbie learning pressure fan. How often do you guys switch to a new deck? Seems that decks wear out pretty regularly, developing bends. Add in practicing faro shuffles, and decks wear out even quicker. So, how often do you find yourself moving to a brand new deck?


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Jul 25, 2015
If I'm practicing a lot I can go through 2 decks a week. I rotate between 4 decks and once a deck is 2 weeks old it's trash. So, half a week of use per deck. Richard Turner said he had a 3 pack a day habit. Faros can munch the edges faster until you get the hang of it. It all depends what you are working on. Practice faros until the edges wear out then use those cards for pressure fans. Though the faros will also rub the finish off the cards as you push the cards through to straighten the deck and the pressure fans will be a bit harder than with a new deck, but should still be okay if you want to go that route. The decks should last longer as you get better at the moves.
Feb 5, 2022
I heard some magicians can wear a deck out in only one week.

In 2019 where I worked there was a simple deck, not a Bicycle.
When I started to play with it was OK.
3 weeks later, the deck have changed a bit 😂
Feb 19, 2023
Although it's possible to ruin a deck in a day if you are practising intensely, usually magicians doing a regular practice program find that a deck of cards stays in shape for about a week.
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