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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Danomite, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. I would like to hear your opinion on magicians who use camera editing, hollywood special effects, and a large dose of stooges to perform magic on television.
  2. They suck and I thought they used to have powers.
  3. Why don't you just ask us what we think about Criss Angel? :rolleyes: I think it's dumb, and he raises the bar too high for normal magicians like us. If a spectator asks us to do someting he did... what are we supposed to say? I can't, I'm not as good as him... No way I'm saying that, as we all know nearly everybody on here is better than him.
  4. just tell them the truth about him
  5. Asking people about their opinion on Criss Angel, and asking people about their opinion on camera editing, hollywood special effects, and stooges are two different things. I'm looking for opinions on the use of these tactics when performing magic on television, not what people think about Criss Angel.
    It's funny though how quick people relate the two together. I wonder why?(just kidding)
  6. I'm not going to go and ruin magic's reputation by bashing my fellow magician. I just tell them that I don't have my camera and editing crew with me.
  7. Ouch! That would probally work more against someone rather than for them.
  8. I don't think it's completely wrong. It can be necessary in some situations but when you use them too much, it's just not cool.

    David Blaine. We all love the guy. He used movie magic to make it look like he levitated 3 feet off the ground, and put in some spectator reactions from a Balducci levitation in his Street Magic special. Sure, that may have been the only time he's done it, but like I said, sometimes, it's necessary to amaze home viewers.

    Today was pretty hilarious. I performed Joe Blow by Danny Garcia for a group of people at school, and one person said "Damn, we got the next Criss Angel over here!" and another person replied "No, this guy's better cuz he doesn't use camera editing." It was pretty hilarious.

    Anyways, movie magic is not wrong in all cases, just don't over-do it.

    Anthony Bass
  9. Well if someone called me like the next Criss Angel I wouldn't mind. They are just comparing you to what is popular, it happens with everything.

    and if you are gonna do then do it well.
  10. As much as I agree with everyone else. Magicians lie ALOT... and Criss did an excellent job on that... but actors? Come on...

  11. I never said being compared to Criss Angel by a layman was a bad thing. Because it's definately not. I just thought it was funny that he knew about his trick photography. :)

    Anthony Bass
  12. Some tricks do rely on a stooge to work so I am not so much against that.

  13. I know you didn't say that but I was just saying.

  14. Stooges are just as big of a part of magic as gimmicks are. Almost every magician I can think of has used a stooge at some point. I've used a stooge. I went to the mall and told my friend to think of a certain number, and when a crowd gathered, I acted as if I didn't know him, and "read his mind". The number was in the 5 digits, so it would be damn near impossible to guess it, but the rest of the crowd didn't know that it had been prearranged. Using a stooge in a crowd of people can only heighten an effect for the rest of the crowd. But like I said, it's unnecessary to use them constantly.

    Anthony Bass
  15. You forget,
    A magicians true purpose is to entertain and mystify the general public/ lay audience.
    If the use of special effects and camera editing on TV makes their work more amazing then by all means they should use it.
    The most important thing is to never forget who you should be catering to: normal people.
    They don't give a crap about an amazingly hard sleight done right or some revolutionary new gimmick thats undetectable.
    They want to see something cool and impossible (or seems to be).
    Criss angel and David Blaine have pulled that off spectacularly and they're successful.
    You're opinions don't mean a damn thing to them.
    Have a think about it.
  16. yea thats soo true, Criss Angel does set the bar too high...
  17. Preach, brother.

    Anthony Bass
  18. Then strive to raise that bar higher and be better than him. One of my non magician friends is a DJ and he says if he hears a DJ better than him then he works to get better than the other guy. I think that is a great mindset for any performer.
  19. Not if the spectators are all "stooges" going "wow this is so cool, how did he do that?" with some poor acting...
  20. Criss Angel's goal in life has always been to be the best at what he does, and to never be beaten. In my opinion, nobody will ever beat David Copperfield, but to laypeople, and even to some select magicians, Criss has met his life goal. He wants to set the bar too high so nobody else can beat him. Greedy, yes, but damn smart.

    Anthony Bass

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