Limited Edition Bicycle - A little story inside

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  1. A quick quick overview for whoever thinks of going into a store like Target to grab some random playing cards.

    A friend of mine who I have known for over 2 years has seen me performing coin magic while I was at applebees. I told her that I could do card tricks as well. I had no money so we went to Target. She wanted to pay for me to get a deck and we went to the card games area and I saw a small wall of playing cards. I saw the 125th anniversary edition on the wall. ..*slobber* but she wouldn't pay 3.99 for a deck. So I grabbed these guys.

    The box is a bit more darker blue in person, beautiful box and even more beautiful cards.

    I sat with her in the food court and started performing, these cards are great but there is one major flaw!

    ...If one card is reversed it is easy to see...very easy.

    Of course my friend didn't catch anything when I was doing effects that needed some cards reversed but you can see them reversed clear as day.

    Great practice cards but I don't think I'll be doing the biddle trick with these cards any more.

    That's all I have to say.
  2. Yes, I noticed that immediately. Solid back designs make for terribly obvious reversals.
  3. I had to learn the hard way , Agh!!
  4. Same with the latest edition of DnD's Mirrors, awesome cards though!
  5. Man i would love these if they had a border
  6. I actually really like the limited edition series so far. The first was very elegant, the second is classy. I don't mind the solid background.
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    i have the first limited edition, but i havent gotten these, i might have to pick some up, those or the fashion silvery cards, they look sweeet
  8. Man, I had no idea. The first limited edition was kinda... Meh.

    HOWEVER, these were AMAZING! I picked up a deck and these look REALLY cool. Of course you can't use them for overturned cards, but they still are amazing.
  9. I picked up a deck today along with some normal rider backs. They really put some work into the back design, very aesthetically pleasing ;)

    I suggest going to a walmart or target and picking up one of these. Truly beautiful design
  10. They have a one way back design too... if you look at the spokes in the wheel in the middle, two spokes are thinner than the others.

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