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  1. Hi Mate,

    Can anybody help me understand ,on how does one ( Playing Card manufacturers) get the Air Cushion Finish or the Linnen Finish on Paper /Board Stock.Whats the Process like & how do they do it .
    Descriptive assistance would be highly appreciated .

  2. The finish is usually in reference to the pattern that is embossed onto the card during the finishing process. If you get a hold of a standard bicycle deck and a standard Tally-Ho deck and examine them closely you can see the difference. An embossing pattern is usually done by having a metal cylinder with a pattern on it rolled forcefully against the object that the pattern is being put onto and that object is also against a rubber roller. It's not a chemical but the distinctive pattern being put into the cards that usually causes them to handle differently. The way the patterns interact as the cards slide over each other is what causes the difference in handling. Typically an air cushion finish will allow the cards to trap more air between the cards and make them feel a tad more slippery. You see this effect when you set a brand new deck of bicycle cards down after dribbling them and the top one or two cards slides a bit. A linoid (or linen) finish doesn't do this, and the cards will still slide easily over one another but as a result of the patterns not binding rather than air being trapped. It is often described as having a "smoother" action.

    Keep in mind that as new manufacturing processes change this answer will not always be the same, but this was traditionally the difference between the two.
  3. Thank you so much ErikT,Your article was so descriptive....Good going
  4. ErikT this was very helpful would you happen to know were one could get the cylinder you were talking about?
  5. the cylinder is a giant steel roller that lives in a factory .... it's machine made for card manufacturers.

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  6. Thank you @EndersGame and Magic Orthodoxy this was very helpful. Every piece of information is very useful if you are working on a custom deck of cards like I am at the moments.
  7. Hello, again I am also wondering if you could point me in the right direction in creating custom poker sets. I am a graphic designer and work in a print shop and was always interested in poker cards. I read up on the materials you have provided and am wondering if anyone else had undergone a similar journey them self
  8. well today there is no difference between linen and air cushion emboss - along time ago there was a difference. But today USPCC only has 1 type of paper, and 1 type of finish.

    If you're interested in printing your own deck begin over at Make Playing
  9. Agreed. My recommendation would be the same.

    Their cards aren't as high quality or smooth handling as those from USPCC (Bicycle manufacturer), but unless you are ready to print in excess of 1000 decks, they're probably your best quality option.
  10. The new ONE deck from MPC rivals anything Cartamundi is putting out.
  11. I included the ONE deck in the most recent order I placed with a retailer, and am waiting for that shipment to come in - looking forward to check out that deck in particular!

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