Linking Cigs (Fujii Akira - OTS perf)

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Tadeumagalhaesbg, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Me performing this awesome piece of visual magic by Fujii Akira. Hope you like it :D

    Feel free to look around the channel as well and sub if you like... a lot of content coming soon! :D
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  2. very smooth
  3. Have any impomtru trick ?
  4. Yes... this is impromptu... it's also very easy! :D
  5. TRU extreame by menny lindenfiled it’s very visual n impromptu too. I really like this trick.
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  6. That looks so cool!!! Seriously so magical.
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  7. Don’t be humble. Lol you made this look AMAZING! This is beautiful. Simple in technique maybe but you can tell a lot of work went into making it looks so smooth.
  8. Glad you liked it, man! :D And I absolutely have to agree and say that even though I love this and think this is very magical... it's not as magical as your out of this world ring routine! That's something that will shape ring routines in the future... I'm sure of that! :D
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  9. Again, you are too kind! We both have a passion for something and as a result we get good at it over time. I loved Matthew Garrett’s Ninja+ and as a result of working the crap out of it as well as developing a solid friendship with Matthew was lucky enough to join his brand. Did I add some of my own ideas and twists? Sure lol but he is the brain child. I just fell in love with the effect and it became the thing. Was known for. Keep at it my friend and you will become known as the guy who makes X look amazing!
  10. Oh, hello Tadeu ! You’re linking cigarettes performance always impressed me !
  11. This is one of
    my favorite effects to perform and you made this look so beautiful.

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