Linking Rings and the Curious Case of “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing”.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brett Hurley, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Ok. After looking around for different magic mediums because my hands are just oh so fun (arthritis and osteopenia SUCK at 35). I’ve determined that I can either go the route of Mentalism or find something that isn’t finger rings and coins.

    Seeing how I’m a TERRIBLE reader of people, I would give the Mentalist community a black eye if I pursued that option.

    So instead, I decided to give magic a black eye instead by doing something that was easier on the hands. And I found linking rings.

    I just got my hands on some Tenyo dragonfly rings (“Tiny Rings”) that I’ve had my eye on for a while and haven’t seen a pair pop up anywhere for 3 years.

    So with that rookie question time:

    Is there a difference between regular rings, Ninja/Shoot Ogawa Rings, and Dragonfly’s besides the obvious size (like do you have to be more mindful of what you’re doing with certain sizes in regards to angles, handing, etc.)?

    What resources out there are for linking rings? Do any linking ring text translate well for any size ring or do you go for texts and instructions that apply to the size of rings you’re working with?

    Any tips on linking rings? advice?
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  2. You can definately apply many of the classic linking ring and closeup ring moves to dragonfly rings. The techniques them selves may need some adjusting, but it would still work!
  3. Brett,
    I share your pain, my hands at 68 years old, are somewhat stiff, but magic and learning to play the banjo has actually helped somewhat.

    I have also been trying to learn the 'linking rings' also. They are more difficult than I thought they might be, but what has worked best for me is to learn one move at a time, practice it until I have it down pat! I had the same experience learning the Egg Bag. I have tried a number of sources to learn different moves and routines, but alas it all comes down to practice and developing a routine that works best for me....Good Luck!
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  4. Wow. You getting Tenyo rings. How surprising. :)

    As @obrienmagic said, it is a matter of making the adjustments to the techniques to work with the rings. Mostly it is about angles and ability to cover the actual linking. The ability to cover is easier with smaller rings.

    Some resources:

    Pete Biro's book The Real Secret of Linking Rings (comprehensive book)
    Levant's Multiple DVD Set on the Linking Rings (excellent resource)
    Shoot Ogawa's DVD on Ninja Linking Rings (not that good quality but good content)
    Shoot Ogawa's Advanced Ninja DVD (see above comment)
    World's Greatest Magic Linking Rings DVD (great presentations)
    There are some other DVDs by Brad Burt or Bob White (I don't have those, so can't comment)

    That said, go for instructions for the rings you are using or learn the basics and adapt.
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  5. Hey,

    The rings are such a cool piece of magic. I have a short video on youtube - check it out and enjoy.

    I use Messado Rings. There great for the price and the learning material you receive is also great!
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  6. That's for the help everyone!
    Ha! I've had it on my "get this whenever the budget calls for it", it happened to pop up after 3 years of being a no show. I've only ever seen them go for $150 (there's a bit of a reason for the price hike) and it fell into my lap for 1/3 of the price. One of those, "I'll never see it again like this" sort of deals. I need to work on more texts, I've been indecisive for a bit. I keep reading Mark Wilson's Complete Course and thinking, "I have no idea what to do!"

    Thats a bit crazy that the Shoot Ogawa is not good in quality, but have good content. Are they old/poor quality DVDs or VHS tapes?

    Would you say I start with Pete Biro's book and then go for the Levant DVD set?
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  7. If you plan on getting rings then I would recomend you get a set of TCC rings on penguin, i think they're going for around $15, the quality imo is way better
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  8. Most of shoot ogawas early dvds are filmed with a low quality camera and bo sound equipment. The content is top notch but it is by no means a cinimatic masterpiece.
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  9. For the Ogawa videos, it is what @obrienmagic said.

    I'd start with the L&L World's Greatest Magic. It will give you a lot of good presentation ideas. The Biro Book is more exhaustive in historical research and you will probably be overwhelmed. The Levent DVDs are expensive and focused on the larger 10 to 12 in rings performances.

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