Liquify: Ultimate Card Thru Table

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by MagicJohnson, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. I think it's fake, or at least the claims you're making aren't true.

    I can see the original signed card mis-aligned under the spread, and the writing on the card that end up under the table is clearly different than the "original card".
  2. Ok batman, in order to make this effect work you need to obtain a duplicate signed card. Oh, and you really do need to hide the original one better too - its not a great way to make it "vanish".

    There's more than one way to skin a cat though. A card could be signed on the face, YOU could initial it on the back, the card could travel through the table back first - so the first indication is your initials on the "under the table card" - then perform a switch or double lift to show the selection.

    The appearance of the card under the table is nice. Keep on thinking!
  3. Another thought - using the "initials on the back" method, you wouldn't need a duplicate, making this trick all but impromptu. You could also eliminate the force and control sequence.

    Then all you need is a more effective "vanish". One idea (seeing as you have to work one handed) is: Card is placed face down onto face down half deck - the secretly initialled card is prepped under the table. If you had an X card palmed, you could add the card to the deck as you slam it down to the table...when you lift your hand the initials will be gone - and the other initialled card will be showing under the table. Bring it up and either triple lift, or execute the underground change, to reveal the selection. Palm off the dodgy card.
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  5. Doesnt this belong in the Media section... you'll probably get a wider response.
  6. Ya i sent it there but it has to go through some theory11 guys to get to be put on and it hasnt yet so I dont know what the deal is
  7. The video has to be approved, which takes a day or two, sometimes even three, due to high volumes of uploads.

  8. "insane reactions"

    Maybe you should show us a video with you doing the trick to some audience (so that we will know how insane is the reaction)?
  9. This is stupid, hope someone else sees it for what it is.
  10. wow they are both good if they weren't fake
  11. Second one is much better. Only problem is I know how angly BP is for an effect like that. Surrounded is not an option. E for effort tho'.
  12. wow! that second video is so much better.i liked it. very visual.
  13. It's a good camera trick, but it can't be done in real life, well it can, be it can't be examined and they can't sign it. Look at the G in MaGic on the 2 of diamonds the first one signed looks like a 6 and the second one its clearly not the same one :p.
  14. yeah i agree i can't count the number of times that some kid looking for attention makes an edited effect that looks amazing, and says "Insane Reactions" but can't show us these fabled reactions because their camera broke or some excuse like that.

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