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    So I have been finding all sorts of cool videos lately and i figured that I might as well compile them into a list. Complete with all the links to them. Some are stage, some are close up, some are bizzare, and some just go beyond that. So, here we go...


    Americas Got Talent- Disappearing Act

    Americas Got Talent- Sawed In Half

    Americas Got Talent- Microwave Magic

    Americas Got Talent- Quick Change Artists

    Britains Got Talent- Balloonist Embarasses Simon Cowell

    Britains Got Talent- Female Magician

    Britains Got Talent- Duck Magic Fail

    David Copperfield- Death Saw

    David Copperfield- Statue Of Liberty Disappears

    David Copperfield- Performs Portal

    David Copperfield- Duck Trick

    David Copperfield- Old Magic

    David Copperfield- David Copperfield Flies

    David Copperfield- Immaculate Connection

    Penn & Teller- Explain Sleight Of Hand

    Penn & Teller- Cups And Balls

    Penn & Teller- Shadows

    Barry & Stuart- Funny Magic

    Barry & Stuart- Protect Your Wallet

    Barry & Stuart- Smoking Is Good

    Barry & Stuart- Body Disposal Kit

    Amazing Jonathan- Hilarious Magic

    Amazing Jonathan- First TV Appearance

    Men In Coats- Comedy Magic

    Talent Act- Great Magic Act

    Jeff Mcbride- Card Manipulation

    Jeff Mcbride- Mask Routine

    Jeff Mcbride- Dancing Cane Routine

    Kevin James- Floating Rose

    Tom Mullica- Eating Cigarettes

    Derren Brown- Evening Of Wonders

    Lance Burton- Dove Magic

    Criss Angel- In Two

    Han Seol-Hui- CD Manipulations

    Francis Tabary- Rope Magic

    Mark Wilson- Zig Zag Illusion


    Roy Raphaeli- Jumping Gemini

    Wayne Houchin- Indecent

    Wayne Houchin- Sinful

    Wayne Houchin- Invisible Palm

    Rahat- Performance of David Stones Ghost

    David Stone- Traveler (David Stones Invisible Palm)

    David Coperfield- Grandpa's Aces

    NicePaul- This 'N' That

    David Blaine- Coffe Into Cash

    David Blaine- Trick For Orlando Bloom

    David Blaine- See a Card

    Brad Christian- Ambitious Card Routine

    Bill Malone- Sam The Bellhop

    Bill Malone- Three Card Monte

    Bill Malone- Scarnes Aces

    Bill Malone- Dr. Daley's Last Trick

    Bill Malone- Bill's ACR

    Dai Vernon- Cups & Balls

    Lennart Green- Card Magic

    Bebel- Repro Retro

    Dominique Duvivier- L'imprimerie

    James Brown- Close Up Skills

    Tommy Wonder- Ambitous Card And Ring Box

    Cyril Takayama- Coffee And Cream

    Princeholiday- Dama Inquieta

    Tom Kashiwagi- Take Two

    Daniel Madison- Change

    Derren Brown- Zamiel's Rose

    Lee Asher- Thunder Bird

    Lee Asher- Asher Twist

    Lee Asher- Five Card Stud

    Lee Asher- Slap That Ace

    Lee Asher- Witness
    Dane Boe- 1$ to 100$


    Barry & Stuart- Suicide In C Sharp

    Barry & Stuart- Raising The Dead

    Barry & Stuart- Plagues Of Egypt

    Barry & Stuart- Scary Magic

    Sean Fields- Sick

    Wayne Houchin- Thread


    David Copperfield- Interactive

    Werneroi- Interactive Card Trick

    Unknown Magician- Psychological Card Trick


    Unknown- Street Hypnosis

    Unknown- Park Bench Knockout

    Mayajid- Hypno Statue

    Simon Taylor- Phobia


    Daniel Garcia- DG's Sam The Bellhop

    MimeFreak #1 (Mindfreak Parody): MimeFreak 1

    MimeFreak #2 (Mindfreak Parody): MimeFreak 2

    MimeFreak #3 (Mindfreak Parody): MimeFreak 3

    David Blaine Spoof #1: Blaine Spoof 1

    David Blaine Spoof #2: Blaine Spoof 2

    David Blaine Spoof #3: Blaine Spoof 3

    David Blaine Spoof #4: Blaine Spoof 4

    David Blaine Spoof #5: Blaine Spoof 5

    MadTV Criss Angle Spoof: MadTV Angel Skit

    Americas Got Talent- Magicians FAIL. Awful.

    Shaun Dunn- Infant

    Steve Martin- Actor, Steve Martin Performs

    Magick Balay- "Tarantula" Performance

    Unknown Magician- Card Through Window Accident

    Michael Ammar- Only Ammar Knows
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    Criss Angel- Metamorphis
  3. This is a great idea Dylan.

  4. Nice idea for a thread Dylan. :)

    Here is a very old video of David Copperfield performing one of my favorite close up effects called Immaculate Connection. I love it. :D After seeing David perform it, I loved it more.

  5. Okay. all fo those were added to the list. If you find anymore send them in. Remember I need:

    1: The Artist who performs it
    2: The name of the effect being performed
    3: The link to the video.
  6. 2 words:: Jeff McBride
  7. okay. Everything is up to date besides one, the link wasn't working. But keep them coming. I'll cjheck back after dinner.
  8. This is such a great idea. It's going to take me awhile to get through the ones I haven't seen though...:p
  9. Whoah!!! Look at how much the list has grown in a day. So keep it up!!! Whenever you find, or make, a new video just send me:

    1: Your Name
    2: Your effects name
    3: A link to the video

    This thread elliminates the use of the search button to go back and try and sift through old threads to find a sngle video. Just look for it here. But it also cuts down on the need to post threads like: "Hey. I need to find a video about_______ where can I get it???"

    LOOK HERE!!!!

    Dylan P.

    PS: If anyone notices that maybe I accidentally put up duplicates of videos, just let me know and I'll delete them ASAP.

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