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    I was just thinking about the Wire and some of the very cool material that is being released. The biggest impact on magic that I can see it making is Mobile phone and ipod magic. There is enough original material here on the Wire using cell phones and Mp3 players that it could almost have its own section. Rather than make it's own section I think it would be effective to make a list here.

    Dcharger - Dalton Wayne
    Daphne - Dalton Wayne
    iMadness - Pestritu Christian
    Signal - Brad addams
    Fate - Geraint Clarke
    Mobile Coin - Kevin Shaller
    WINDoW CYLL- Vincent Mejia
    playBack - Aaron Williams
    Landmark- Oliver Smith
    ThrouTshirt- Deepak Mishra

    I don't know any other magic website book or store that has that much! My thought is to keep this list going so if you're ever looking for some good phone or ipod magic it will be easy to find it here :)
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  2. Lemme just say. You ain't seen nothing yet... I am too excited for what the future of this genre has in store.
  3. I can attest to I'm also part of what Asher's talking about. This is gonna be awesome.
  4. Well I'm excited. I feel like we can do a lot to push this genre of magic forward in an organic and non convoluted way :)
  5. I'm submitting a new mobile effect tonight.

    Asher is right. You ain't seen nothing yet ;)
  6. Awesome Geraint! Can't wait!!
  7. I just added Oliver Smith's landmark. What's the news on your effects?
  8. I was going to upload mine, then a company bought the distribution rights to the effect, as they want the exclusive on it.

    I'll support the wire as much as I can over the summer, by filming and uploading some free contributions from my brainbox over the next few weeks.
  9. Sweet! It looks like the WIRE was a helpful launching pad then :) I love it!
  10. I just added ThrouTshirt by Deepak Mishra
  11. I have a question for anyone who has purchased iMadness, some of the reviews complain that it requires you to jailbreak your phone, while in the description it says that it does not. Is this because iPhones now have some feature that they didn't when it was released? Or is something fishy going on?

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