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    Hey Guys,

    I have had some time to play with Lit so here is my review...

    First of all, this is not the exact version on the David Blaine special. This is the exact same effect that he performed with a selected card changing into a match pack, but do not expect the exact same routine. However, this trick is still incredibly cool and well worth the purchase. The routine taught on the DVD is great. Dan White and Dan Hauss are awesome. Thank you guys for releasing this.

    The Main Effect/Routine:

    The main routine consists of two tricks. The first is lighting a match from a match pack, putting it in your mouth, and blowing it back into the match pack. The second is having a spectator hold the matches in their hand, pick a card, replace it in the deck, and open the match pack to find that it is now their card.

    The teaching on the DVD is very clear. Everything you need to know and gather to perform Lit is covered.

    Lit is very easy to set up and the gimmick is ingenious. All you really need besides what is included is a pack of matches. The stuff included will last many performances.

    The main routine is not difficult to perform. It will take some practice to get the motions and procedure down, but it is not bad at all. Angles are pretty much not an issue. The most difficult thing is getting the structure down.

    The alternate handling of the card to match pack trick is combining it with the Biddle Trick. This is very cool and I will definitely experiment with this handling as well.

    I want to note that this effect can be performed any way you want. It is very easy to make your own routine around the card to match pack trick. As cool as the first trick taught is I am sure some people will not want to put a match in their mouth. Still, you can use the bonus floating match trick to start off or any other trick you know with matches. You can even just include the matches in a card trick you know to justify their presence. Hold the match under the spectators card to make it change (similar to Blaine's routine).

    The DVD includes a very clever way to have the card signed, but I do not feel it is necessary. I have performed this effect for fairly large groups, and no one questioned the lack of a signature. It is possible to have the card signed, but it is not worth the trouble in my opinion.

    The Extras:

    The Floating Match - This is a very cool trick and what I personally use to open my Lit routine. It is easy to do and looks great. Involves an easily obtainable gimmick.

    Self Lighting Match Pack - Although this is very clever and looks great, it is not something I will personally perform. It involves a few items, one of which is a little hard to obtain.


    Alright guys, hopefully this review was helpful. This is a great trick and one that I will use quite often. It is a lot of fun, and the reactions are unbelievable.

    Overall: 9/10

    Additional Note: As stated on the DVD Lit is intended for adults. I do not recommend this to younger magicians. The first trick and Self Lighting Match Pack especially can be very dangerous if not handled responsibly.
  2. Cool might pick this up soon.

  3. Thanks for the review i ordered this today along with Power Word Fall and Technique.. Can you tell a little more on how you vanish there card?? They ever grab the deck after the trick to see if there card is really gone from deck
  4. In all honesty, I thought the bonus effects were better than Lit! You're getting 3 great tricks for 10 bucks each.
  5. can u answer my question sean
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    Nevermind, I returned the present to mjmmagic.
  7. You'll find out when you get it.
  8. for the floating match - do you need wires/magnets?
  9. How many gaffs does it come with?
  10. someone said it was 14 but i'm not sure

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