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Little Story

Oct 24, 2007
Well, this is really just a funny little flourishing story.

Today, I walked down to the student lounge at my college because I have an hour gap between classes on Wednesday. I sat down in the corner of the lounge, in a pretty comfortable chair, and I pulled out a deck of cards (I usually carry 2 or 3 with me). I didn't notice that some people I'm familiar with but am not particularly friends with (there isn't anything wrong with them, I just haven't talked to them much) were sitting near by. Anyway, I was in the corner flourishing and soon I heard, "Wow! That's mind-boggling!" I looked up and it was the group of people that I mentioned before. They all came over and were watching me and commenting on how what I was doing (they don't know what flourishing is) was amazing. Then one of them said, "The cards almost seem to stick to his fingers, like he has tape on them." Then a girl said, "Almost like a spider! He's Spiderman!" All day they called me Spiderman! It's pretty funny! They called me Spiderman in class and announced it to about thirty friends of theirs as I walked by. "That there is Spiderman!" they called out to their friends. I thought it was an interesting little story. Peace!


Sep 15, 2008
That's pretty awesome.

Spiderman is a sweet nickname.

A group I performed for called me magic man for the longest time. I told 'em that if they wanted to nickname me, it had to be something different, because every magician is "magic man."

I'm not too sure if that was a mistake or not.

- Frank "Seabiscuit" Fogg
Dec 3, 2007
Nice Spidy :p.. that happens to me most of the times... and you don't want to know what my new friends told me lately!...
1- you where born like this :cool:
2- is there any gum in the deck :p
3- how can you do that do you have to stick them with ur hands
and lastly 4- your hart was ripped out and they gave you a paper heart from a card :eek:
May 18, 2008
^ Because some people actually use 5 dollar words. :D

Anyway, I get called anything from David Blaine to Magicman to The kid with the long hair who is writing a book and does cool things with stuff.

Oh, and my personal favorite...

Kid who sticks pens up his nose and pulls them out of his mouth. That is like my most requested effect, and it is like, uber simple!
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